How to clear written round of TCS NQT?

How to clear written round of TCS  NQT (National Qualifier Test)

In this article, you’ll find how to clear TCS NQT.

Many students are anxious about the test format and how to pass the TCS NQT after it was announced by TCS.

On this page, you’ll get to know step by step roadmap on how to clear the written round of TCS NQT.

How to clear written round of TCS NQT

About TCS NQT(National Qualifier Test)

Steps to clear TCS NQT

Step 1: Prepare Section-wise and Topic wise: –  When you Prepare various topics at the same time then you may be confused during the last days of your preparation. So, for better preparation, you should go for Section wise and Topic wise.

Step 2 : Attempt Mock before final Exam: – Before exam you should practice questions similar to final exam that is very important to perform well in final exam.

Step 3: Time management: – This is the most important thing you just now have to solve them in a limited time period. Remember formulas and Learn tips and  tricks to solve the questions in very less time.

Step 4: Practice: – This is the key to success, anywhere in life you can excel only with a dedication to practice. So go on we have everything that you need to keep up the practice.

TCS NQT Foundation Section

The overall difficulty level of this Section varies from Medium to hard. After this section, You’ll get to Advanced Round

You need not worry about coding if you are looking only for TCS Ninja profile. You should perform well in Traits, Aptitude, Logical, and verbal. 

TCS NQT Foundational Pattern

TCS NQT Advanced Section

The overall difficulty level of this Section is high.

In Advanced Quantitative Ability and Reasoning, Ability Topics are the same as Foundation round but the difficulty is high in comparison to Foundation Round.

In the Advanced Coding Section, there will be problems for which you have to provide a solution in any of the coding languages of your choice.

TCS NQT Advanced Section Pattern