Set 8

Student Details
Name: Mita chatterjee
College: SRM, Delhi
Branch: Information Technology
Type of interview: On-Campus Interview


Student Interview
Previous year during our last semester Tata Communication came to our college for their in-campus interviews. We all were very excited as most of us were facing the interview for the first time. And I was even more excited as I was desperate for joining the Tata Communication. Our professors came to our classes and informed about the eligibility criteria for the interview.

The criteria for the interview was:

  1. 60% throughout the academics
  2. No backlogs accepted
  3. 2 year gap is acceptable

Further, we were informed that we have to clear 4 interview rounds to crack the interview.

The very first round was: Written Test

Most of our senior suggested to study from the PrepInsta material as it was convenient and will clear our basics. The written test was divided in 3 categories and each category had different type of questions.

Category 1: Quantitative Analysis

The quantitative analysis was based on simple quants questions which included questions on Numbers, Ratio & proportion, Time & Work, Time speed and Distance, Percentages, and Permutation & Combination.

Category 2: Logical Reasoning

The logical part included questions on Blood relations, Coding and Decoding, and Data Arrangement.

Category 3: Verbal Ability

The verbal ability included questions on Vocabulary and Sentence Correction.

The second round was: Group Discussion

Those who were selected for the GD round were given a topic. In this round the interviewer judged the communication skills, listening skills and confidence of the participants. The topic given to us was “Poor people are more generous or rich?” I confidentially initiated the GD and was successful in putting it in right perspective. The interviewer was impressed by my performance. I was selected for the next technical round.

The third round was: Technical Interview

As the interviewer were already impressed with my GD round performance so they appreciated me for the same. They greeted me with a smile. One of them asked me about my subjects and the project I was involved in and my role in it. Then he asked me some basic questions on PLM and OSI Module. Further he asked me some technical questions to test my knowledge in IT. Some of them were,

  • How RPI runs over Cisco Switches?
  • The physical and logical parts of ADS.
  • What steps are taken to update the domain DNS records?
  • What is a TCP connection sequence?

I answered all the questions and was selected for the final HR interview round.

The fourth round was: HR Interview

As I walked in the HR was going through my resume. He asked me to sit and gave a short introduction of the company and its rules and regulation. Then he asked me about my hobbies and why they should hire me. He also asked me about my salary expectation and if I was okay in relocating to another city to which I said yes.

That was the end of my interview and same night I got the offer letter from the company.

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