Set 1

Student Details 
Name: Astitva Bhattacharya
College: SRM, Chennai
Branch: Computer Science
Type of interview: On-Campus Interview

Student Interview
I attended the Tata Communication on-campus interview which was held in our college last year. Our training and placement officer informed us the criteria for the interview and gave some guidelines to prepare for the same. He recommended us the Prepinsta material.

The set eligibility criteria for the interview was:

  1. Graduation and Post-graduation marks should be 60%.
  2. The candidate must not have any backlogs
  3. The candidate must hold 60% throughout their academics.
  4. A 2-year gap is acceptable

The interview was based on four rounds:

Round 1- Written Test
For the written round, I studied from PrepInsta study material as suggested by our training officer. The written test had basic questions on the following sections:

[table id=697 /]

Round 1 was quite simple for me. I was then called for the second round.

Round 2- Group Discussion
The second round was GD. The topic given was “Is the life of children today easier than 50 years ago?” The topic was very debatable and it took around one and a half hour. The interviewer checked the communication skills and the way students were putting their rational to justify their statements. I was selected for the third round.

Round 3- Technical Interview
I was not at all nervous for the technical round as I prepared thoroughly for it. When I went inside, I was asked to give a formal introduction. Then the interviewer asked me to explain my role in the final year project. Then he asked me around 7 to 8 technical questions.

Some of them I remembered:

  1. What is computer networking?
  2. What is a resistor?
  3. What is network topology?
  4. What is Node?
  5. Describe Hub and Switch?

The technical round went very well, and I was qualified for the final round.

Round 4 – HR Interview
I was very happy as I was selected for the final round and it was my first HR round interview. I was excited and at the same time I was nervous. There were two interviewer inside the room. They called me inside and asked to introduce myself. Then they gave me a brief introduction about the company and what they expect from their employees. After that he asked me why I wanted to join Tata communication and how the company will be benefitted from me. They were impressed by the answers I gave. Then they asked me to leave and wait for the final result.

After two days, the results were out. I was very happy when I saw my name on the selection list.  

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