Set 2

Student Details 
Name: Harmeet Kaur
College: Amity University, Noida
Branch: Computer Science
Type of interview: On-Campus Interview


Student Interview
Last year, during our last semester, Tata Communication conducted a full-time placement drive in our college. I and my friends went to our seniors for some guidelines to clear the interview. They told us to consider Prepinsta material as a helping
hand. We bought the material from the website and started our preparation. Our professor told us the interview eligibility criteria and its process. The eligibility criteria included:

  1. The candidate must have 60% marks in Graduation and Post-graduation
  2. The candidate must have no backlogs
  3. The candidate must hold 60% throughout their academics.
  4. A 2-year gap is acceptable

The interview process included four rounds:

  1. Aptitude Round
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Technical Round
  4. HR Interview

Round 1- Aptitude Round
The aptitude round had questions on the following sections:


Round 2- Group Discussion
I was selected for the II round and we were told that this round will be mass elimination round. The candidates will be judged on the basis of their communication skills, thought process, general awareness, and Group behaviour. The GD topic given to us was “The political issues in India.” The interviewer was checking our vocabulary and convincing power. Only 15 students were selected for the next round and I was one of them.

Round 3- Technical Interview
The interviewer was very good and first he made me comfortable by asking questions about my favourite subject and why I chose to be a Software engineer. Then he asked me some basic conceptual questions like what is constructor, what is inheritance, and many other.

Then he moved towards some sequential queries and asked me some questions on that. The questions were:

  1. What is the difference between JAVA and Python?
  2. What is polymorphism?
  3. Meaning of instance and class variable.
  4. Differentiate between method and constructor
  5. State different types of access modifiers.

I answered all the questions and the interviewer gave me smile and then I left the room.

Round,4 – HR Interview
The interviewer asked me to sit. While he was going through my resume, he asked me to tell something about myself that was not mentioned in the resume. He then asked me some questions about why I want to join Tata communication and what are my future plans. He was very friendly. He asked me to leave and told to wait for the final result. Later next day I got a call from the company and they told me that I was selected as a Software Engineer for Tata Communication.

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