Set 7

Student Details 
Name: Nehal Shah
College: MNIT, Jaipur
Branch: Electronics and Communication
Type of interview: ON-Campus Interview

Student Interview
I got placed in one of the best telecommunication services firm, TCS, i.e. TATA Communications. I was very excited for the interview, as I used to think that only CSE/IT students were only eligible for these MNC’S but our Training and Placement Officer told us that all the branches are eligible. He informed us about the eligibility criteria and told to prepare from PrepInsta website.

Eligibility Criteria
60% in 10th and 12th No current backlogs

Number of Rounds
Aptitude Round
Group Discussion
Technical Interview
HR Interview

Aptitude Round
There were three major sections in the test



Group Discussion
We were divided in a group of 10 and there was one interviewer with every group. They kept a keen eye on every student. They were evaluating every student on 4 categories: confidence, excellent vocabulary skills, rational thought process, and general awareness. If a student fulfils all these criteria’s only then they can move forward. Most of the students were eliminated as they could not fit in all the categories. Only 79 students qualified for the next round.

Technical Round 
The questions in this round were related to branch. He asked me about how a database is created and how we connect it to ER
Diagrams. Further, he asked some Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation questions. He asked me fundamental questions related to DBMS, SQL, C++, OOPS, and Java. Some questions he asked were,

  • How do you define a class in JAVA?
  • State 3 major differences between Array List and Vector.
  • Can you restrict inheritance for a class?
  • Explain JSON.
  • Write a query to find the highest salary of an employee.
  • Differentiate between materialized and dynamic view.
  • Explain embedded and dynamic SQL.
  • Differentiate between CHAR and VARCHAR.
  • Define Polymorphism.
  • What is Data Abstraction?

HR Round
The HR asked me very few questions as most of the questions were asked in the Technical Round. He asked me:

  • Introduce yourself?
  • Why do you want to be a part of our company?
  • State your weakness and strengths?
  • Do you believe in team work?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • How will you prove yourself to be an asset to us?

This round went for 10 minutes, and the HR handed me the offer letter with the details and norms of the Induction Program.

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