Set 5

Student Details 
Name: Roshni Sen
College: IIT, Delhi
Branch: Information Technology
Type of interview: ON-Campus Interview

Student Interview
TCS conducted a pool campus drive at our college in March 2017. TCS offered 6 posts in all that year. Two for UI Developers, one for Data Analyst, and two for System Engineers. It was my first interview experience that I had with India’s largest MNC, TCS TCS had always been on the top of my list, therefore I so wanted the post of a System Engineer. I had heard about PrepInsta’s practice papers and Online Classes. That turned out to be the best decision of my life.

Eligibility Criteria
Candidate must hold 60% throughout their academics
No current backlogs
candidate must have 60% marks in Graduation and Post-graduation

There were four Rounds: Aptitude Round, Group Discussion, Technical Interview, and HR Interview

Aptitude Round
The Aptitude round was just a cake walk, all thanks to the PrepInsta’s material.


Group Discussion
The results were announced after two hours of the test. We were in a group of five. Our topic was “Demonetization”. Most of the candidates were eliminated in this round. TCS gives a lot of importance to the candidates who are confident, have excellent vocabulary skills, rational thought process, and good general awareness.

Face to Face Interview

Technical Interview
The interviewer was very straight forward, he asked me questions from core networking, as I also did CCNA certification. Some of the questions were:

  • Explain point – to – point link.
  • Explain anonymous FTP?
  • What is VPN? Why is it used?
  • How will you secure a computer network?
  • What do you mean by 10Base-T mean?
  • Explain MAC address.
  • Describe the star topology.

I answered each and every question correctly, with which my interviewer seemed very impressed. He wished me good luck and gave me a bright smile, specifically not hoping at the beginning of the interview.

HR Interview
When I entered for the interview, the HR asked me to introduce myself . He was impressed by my scores of the Technical Round. Therefore he didn’t ask me much. Just the basics questions, like

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Why TCS?
  • What do you know about us?
  • Are you up for relocations, or working overseas?
  • Do you have any future plans, like to do your masters?
  • Are you fine with late working hours?
  • Where do you see yourself after two years

This round lasted for a maximum 15 minutes. The results were announced by the evening. I along 15 more candidates were shortlisted for TATA Communications.  


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