Set 3

Student Details
Name: Mihika Bhalla
College: Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore
Branch: Electronics and Communication
Type of interview: On-Campus Interview


Student Interview
During our last semester Tata Communication visited our college campus for recruitment. The company had a fixed selection criteria and four rounds interview process. Tata Communications is one of the best MNC’s around the world. We were sent a registration link through which we registered ourselves with the company for the interview. As soon as I got the news of the interview, I searched the eligibility criteria and interview process.

The criteria mentioned was:
60% in graduation and post-graduation.
No backlogs

The interview process included:
Aptitude test
Group discussion
Technical round
HR interview round


Aptitude Round
The aptitude round included 3 sections. I prepared for it from the previous year Tata Communications placement paper which were available on Prepinsta. The questions in the test included some basic questions on 3 different topics. They were:


Group Discussion
As I prepared from the Prepinsta material all my basics were clear and I cleared the first round very easily. The next round was GD round. Our training and placement officer had earlier informed us that in the GD round the interviewer will judge our communication skills, general awareness and thought process. The topic given to us was “Digital payment and their benefits and threats.” Most of the candidate were eliminated in this round because of lack of comnication skills.

Technical Round
The technical round was the difficult part in the interview process. I cleared the GD round but I had no idea what type of questions will be asked in this round. When I went inside the interview room the interviewer asked me some basic questions on what electronic is, and what sampling is. Further he asked me some difficult questions. Some of them were:

  • What is modulation and where it is utilized?
  • Name the different modulation techniques.
  • What are the usage of AM and FM?
  • Difference between negative feedback and positive feedback.

I answered some questions correctly and was little nervous about my selection for the final round. But later I got the news that I was selected for the HR round. I thought they must have selected me because of my confidence.

HR Round

The final round was HR interview round. The HR asked me to introduce myself and why I want to join the company. He also asked me about my goals and how my performance will help the company to achieve its objectives. He did not asked me any questions related to my subject or any technical question which I was tensed about. The interview was over within 10 minutes. In around 2 hours we got the result for the interview and I was selected for the job of System Control Engineer.

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