How To Explain Gaps In Your Employment

Why was there a gap in your employment

 “What is the reason for the gap between education and employment?” or “How do you explain academic gapExplaining gaps in your career can be intimidating, but there are some effective ways to answer this. On this page, we have provided some of the methods to help you with this particular question. So make sure you go through the page in order to develop a better understanding.

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  • Why do interviewers ask this question?
  • How do you explain the gap in employment?
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Why do Interviewers ask to Explain Employment Gap?”

This is a simple question but can easily get you into trouble if you don’t answer it carefully. If there’s a gap mentioned in your resume you should be prepared for this question.

Interviewers don’t ask this question because they are concerned about your career but just to be reassured that you have learned something in this period and you have become more valuable to the organization.

Sometimes they want to learn under what circumstances you were bound to take a break and then evaluate this to their organization’s needs. 

How to Explain the Gap in Employment?

To answer this question more effectively you should come prepared from every angle. Connect it to how you worked on yourself and your skills and try to mention some relevant skill to that designation and how it makes you more valuable to that particular organization

Some important points :

  • Don’t get into too much detail. Just try to be precise and factual about what you say
  • You should always provide them with an honest answer.
  • Show them that the given factor is no longer a barrier to you.

Reasons for the gap:-


Family Emergency

To Study Further

Got Fired

Sample Answers: "How To Explain Employment Gap?"

Below we have provided some sample answers to questions like “Why was there a Gap in your career” you can go through them for reference.

Why was there a Gap in your Career? Answer #1 (For Illness)

I was forced to take a break from my job/college because of my medical condition.
I optimized my time and learned some of the skills relevant to the post I am applying for, and now I feel more confident and well-versed with new skills and very eager to put my practice to better use.

How Do You Explain Employment Gap In Your Career? Answer #2 (Family Emergency)

I had to leave my Job/College because of a sudden family emergency. It was a very difficult time for me and my family and I was required there for that particular time and for this long I have been taking care of my family.
Now I have taken important measures to make sure I no longer have to be present there. I am ready to be focused on my role in your organization.

How To Justify Gap In Career? Answer #3 (To Study Further)

I identified some of the important gaps in my skills which should be filled before I take new responsibility so I took the time off and pursued a higher degree to learn new skills.
I am now professionally more efficient for my desired role in your organization.

How To Answer To The Career Gap Questions? Answer #4 (Got Fired)

I got fired months ago because my previous organization had to lay off members and I was the newest one on my team.
I learned and discovered many new things there and I brought positive things with me. Now I think I am absolutely ready to give my best in this role for your organization.

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FAQ on "How To Justify Career Gaps"

Question: Why do interviewers asks about career or academic gap?


The interviewer wants to know whether the candidate is reliable or not and under what conditions he/she can work more efficiently.

Question: How much gap is acceptable?


Generally, a gap of less than 9 months is acceptable and won’t be questioned, longer gaps attract more questions.

Question: Does gaps make bad impressions in the eyes of the interviewer?


If you justify your gap and show them that you have utilized it for the better, it doesn’t make bad impression.