How Did You Hear About Us

How Did You Hear About Us?

“How Did You Know About Our Organization” or “How Did You Hear About Us”  In this article, we explore guidelines for how to explain gaps in your employment history during an interview. So go through the whole page for detailed analysis.

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  • Why do interviewers ask this question?
  • How to answer “How do you hear about your company?
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Why do interviewers ask "How Did You Hear About Our Company"

With this question, the interviewer wants to know whether you heard about the company from any of the employees, which could give you a better chance to get the job or you heard about the company on a social media network, which would help them evaluate their recruitment efforts.

Though this question is not as important as other HR questions, it definitely could lower your chances of selection if you get it wrong.

How to Answer "How Do You Know About Us"

This question is aimed to ideally understand how and why you have applied to a particular company. Here’s how you ace this question.

  • Briefly explain your answer and connect it to how you are the right choice for it.
  • Look enthusiastic about that job opening.
  • Share why this job position in that organization excites you.

Mistakes To Avoid:-

  • Don’t try to make up stories.
  • Don’t try to look like you desperately want that job.
  • Don’t lie to them at any point because they will most likely ask follow-up questions.

Sample Answers: "How Did You Hear About Us?"

Below we have provided some sample answers for questions like “How did you know about our company”. You can go through them for reference.

How Did You Hear About This Company? Answer #1

I have heard good things about your company from my friends. He told me about the friendly work culture and cordial environment within the office. Then I decided to look on the internet and saw reviews similar to what my friend had told me. The given job description matches my profile so I decided to apply to your organization and take a chance.

How Did You Know About Our Organization? Answer #2

I was browsing on social media, and I came across your company’s hiring post and the job description matched my profile. I have heard some good things about your company. Hence, I decided to apply as I know it will help me grow in my career and provide me with a better opportunity to learn more.

How Did You Find About Our Company? Answer #3

I was reading an article on Medium where I saw your company listed on the top position. I was curious, so after some research, I reached out to your LinkedIn and applied for this position.

How Did You Hear About Us? Answer #4

I was contacted by one of your recruiters who made me aware of your company. I liked what had been described to me and I was looking for an opportunity to learn more. So I decided to apply for the job.

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FAQ on "How Did You Hear About Our Company"

Question: Why do interviewers asks "How Did You Know About Our Company"?


This question is usually a good ice breaker and also a good parameter to know how enthusiastic a candidate is about the given job post.

Question: Can I say that I just applied to the company because I was looking for a job?


Yes, you can definitely be honest and tell the interviewer that you applied because you were hunting for a job. However, do not be completely ignorant about the details of the company. Just be nice and say that you came across the company on LinkedIn or any other job portal. This can save you some selection chances.