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Deloitte Recruitment Process for Freshers 2023

Deloitte Recruitment Process 2023

Deloitte Recruitment Process 2023 for Freshers is given here on this page.

Deloitte hires through On-Campus and Off-campus both and the recruitment process for both the drive is almost same with slight change.

Here on this page we will discuss about all the detailed steps and information of Deloitte Recruitment Process for Freshers 2023.

Deloitte Recruitment Process 2024

Deloitte Recruitment Process 2023

Recruitment Process of Deloitte is divided into further steps:

  • Written Test
  • Versant Test
  • Group Discussion /JAM Test
  • Interview Process

Go through the page in detailed to know more.

Deloitte Recruitment Process 2024

About Deloitte Recruitment Process

Written Test
  • 3 Section (On -Campus)
  • 4 Section (Off Campus)
Round 2Versant Test
Round 3Group Discussion/ JAM Test
Round 3


  • Technical
  • HR

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Deloitte Recruitment Process for Freshers 2023

Recruitment pattern Deloititte 2021

3 Round

Total Round

Deloitte Recruitment Pattern and Hiring Process

52 Ques

Total Ques

90 min

Total Time


Negative Marking

Deloitte Syllabus Pattern 2023

DeloitteTotal QuesTotal Time
Quantitative and Logical20 Question25 min
English10 Question10 min
Computer Fundamentals20 Question25 min
Coding2 Question30 min

Deloitte Recruitment Pattern 2023

Recruitment Process for Deloitte

Pre-Placement Talk

To begin, there will be a pre-presentation discussion in which Deloitte HR representatives will discuss various aspects of Deloitte. Specifically, work culture, provided profiles, growth possibilities, compensation, and so forth. There will be a Q&A session after the pre-presentation discussion, where you may ask them questions.

First Assessment

The online test for Deloitte is the most difficult test amongst all the service-based companies and its very hard.

There are 4 sections in Deloitte Online Test Round –

  • Quants and Logical
  • English
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Coding
  • Deloitte Versant Test (SVAR)
Deloitte Recruitment Process 2024
Deloitte Recruitment Process for Freshers

Versant Test

Deloitte Versant Test is an automated spoken language test that are taken on the computer. This takes place in the second round of the Deloitte Recruitment Process only after you clear your first round which is the Deloitte Online Test.

The main purpose of this Versant test is to assert the importance of English communication for jobs in the knowledge economy.

The Basic skills of the candidate which are being analyzed in this test are as follows –

  1. Reading Skills
  2. Listening Skills
  3. Analyzing skills
  4. English Grammar Skills

Deloitte Group Discussion/ JAM Test

JAM means Just A Minute Round. This round is a modified form of Group Discussion. You will be provided by a one topic at the moment and you will have to give your opinion on that topic for one minute.

Click on the button below to know more About Deloitte JAM Test.

Deloitte - About Company

About Company

The information below is asked very very frequently in Interviews so remember the information below –

  • Founder: William Welch Deloitte
  • CEO: Punit Renjen
  • Founded: 1845
  • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Deloitte Test Pattern 2023

Deloitte Recruitment Process Video


which is the most difficult section in deloitte written test?

All the rounds of written test in Deloitte recruitment process 2023 is equally important, but in terms of difficulty level Quants and Logical is high in difficulty.

What type of Questions will be asked in Interview round of Deloitte?

The Deloitte interview is a combination of technical and HR questions.
You will be quizzed on your technical knowledge as well as a few basic HR questions to assess your behavioral and teamwork attitude.

What is JAM Test in Deloitte?

In the JAM (Just A Minute) round, you will be separated into groups of 15-20 applicants and asked to talk for one minute on the assigned topic.

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