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Tech Mahindra Computer Science Question with Answers

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Tech Mahindra Computer Science Exam Pattern 2023

Tech Mahindra Interview Experience

The hiring was divided into three rounds:-

Online Test:-

This was the first round. Everyone who registered got the link for this round. It was conducted on AMCAT. There were basic quants, logical and verbal questions. There was also one essay. The entire round was of 60 minutes.

Technical Test:-

Only those who cleared the online test got link for this round. There were C MCQs and fundamental of computer science questions in this round. There was also automata fix question. The last section was personality test where they gave questions based on personality. It was basically a psychometric test.

Communication Test:-

This was the last round. It was spoken english round where we had to listen to computer audio and answer questions.

I cleared all the rounds and got the shortlisted mail for interview. For me they only had one interview. There were two panel members.

At the start both of them introduced themselves and asked for me to introduce myself. They then opened my resume. All the questions that were asked to me were from my resume. I had listed C and Java as my programming languages so they asked me questions on that. Then they asked about the projects which I had listed and also about my prior internship.

Last they asked why I want to join Tech Mahindra and what I know about Tech Mahindra. They also asked me about relocation and if I have any plans to do a master's degree.

This was all for my interview.

Tech Mahindra Computer Science 2023

Stats for Tech Mahindra Computer science

Number of Questions 20 Questions
Cut-Off 12 Questions
Difficulty High

Topic wise analysis

Java script and CSS Number of Questions 0-1
Difficulty Moderate
Importance High
Email Protocol Number of Questions 0-1
Number of Questions High
Importance Moderate
GIT Number of Questions 0-1
Number of Questions High
Importance High
DBMS Number 0-1
Number of Questions High
Importance Moderate
SQL Number of Questions 0-1
Number of Questions Moderate
Importance Low