Infosys Technical Ability Questions 2023

Infosys Technical Ability Questions with Answers for Freshers

Your technical quantitative ability will be evaluated in the Infosys Technical Ability exam 2023 segment. This page will give you complete and recent information, such as: Number of Questions, Time Allotted to the Section and Difficulty of the Questions of  Infosys Technical Ability Question and Answers 2023

Infosys Technical Ability 2023

We’ve updated the Infosys Technical Ability Test Syllabus with the most recent information to help you pass the Infosys Technical Ability Test Round 2023. You can find questions with a similar structure from Infosys Technical Ability Test previous year exams here.

Additionally, PrepInsta provides you with example Infosys Technical Ability Questions that have been curated by our team of mentors based on the most recent pattern.

Infosys Technical Ability Detailed Test Pattern

10 Question

Total Question

35 minutes

Total Time



infosys Arithmetic and Analytical questions and Answers 2023


Type of Test

Technical Ability Test For Infosys
Number of Questions 10 Questions
Time Limit 35 Mins
Type of Exam Adaptive
Mode Conducted Online

Infosys Technical Ability Test 2023 Topics

Given below are the  topics from the Infosys Technical Ability Test are listed here to assist you in passing this part of the Infosys Exam 2023.

More info about Infosys Aptitude Test sections

  • Number of Questions – 10
  • Time Limit – 35 mins
  • Difficulty – Medium- Hard
  • Adaptive – Yes

Latest Infosys Technical Ability Questions with Solutions 2023

Question 1:

Find the ratio of milk tower in a heterogeneous mixture that gives a profit of 15% when sold at the cost price of pure milk?

a. 20:23
b. 20:3
c. 23:20
d. 3:2

Question 2:

In how many ways can 5 men and 5 women can be seated around a circular table having 10 seats such that no man is seated next to another man and no woman is seated nest to another woman?

a. (4!)2
b. 9!
c. 4! * 5!
d. (5!)2

Question 3:

Out of 9 consonants and 3 vowels, how many words of 4 consonants and 2 vowels can be formed?

a. 272160
b. 90720
c. 720
d. 378

Question 4:

Ananya, Bindiya and Cinthiya are 3 sisters. On Mother’s Day, they decided to buy  microwave oven for their mother by contributing from all three of them. They check the price by calling in the store. Since Ananya is the eldest, her share is 40%, Cinthiya is the youngest and her share is 25% and the rest of the amount is put by Bindiya. With this amount, they go to the store and see that there isa discount of 10% on Microwave oven. Because of the discount, Bindiya gets Rs 700/- back based on her share. How much did they pay for the oven, after the discount?

a. Rs 17,500/-
b. Rs 20,000/-
c. Rs 18,000/-
d. Rs 19,000/-
e. Rs 18,500/-

Question 5:

Direction: Refer the following data and answer the question.

What is the total number of Covid positive people in all six cities together? (Answer in Approximate Value)

a. 1940479
c. 1940500
d. 1940480

Infosys Technical Ability Question (1)

Question 6:

A bag contains 2 red, 3 green and 2 blue balls. Two balls are drawn at random. What is the probability that none of the balls drawn is blue?

a. 10/21
b. 2/7
c. 11/ 21
d. 5/7

Question 7:

If 4 boys and 6 girls can do a piece of work in 24 days then in how many days can the work be done by 6 boys and 18 gils working together?

a. 16 days
b. 18 days
c. Cannot be determined
d. None of these

Question 8:

An item is sold at a certain price. The sell price (S.P) printed on this item is 40% more than the cost price (C.P). Since the customer who purchased the product was a premium category customer, he got a discount of 10% on the S.P. If the shopkeeper gained a profit of Rs 65 after the sale of this item, what is the S.P printed on the item?

a. Rs 315/-
b. Rs 350/-
c. Rs 300/-
d. Rs 250/-

Question 9:

4 litres of milk is drawn from a barrel containing 40 litres of milk. It is replaced by water. The process is repeated 3 times. What is the final quantity of milk left in the barrel?

a. 28.00 liters
b. 29.16 liters
c. None of these 
d. 32.40 liters

Question 10:

How many 1-inch square tiles would it take to cover the floor of a closet that has dimensions 5 feet by 4 feet? (1 foot = 12 inches)

a. 2168
b. 20
c. 240
d. 2880


How much time is needed to clear the cut off for Infosys Technical Ability questions?

We recognise that you simply want to focus on the Infosys Technical Ability Question part when studying for the Infosys Test 2023 exam questions. Three days should be plenty if you have been prepared for general questions before. If you haven’t begun any preparation, it will take around a week. Remember that the Infosys Technical Ability Test is quite competitive, thus you must prepare effectively.

Is the content provided on PrepInsta for the preparation of this test is enough, where else we can prepare from?

Yes, the content provide here on PrepInsta for the preparation of Infosys Technical Ability Test 2023 is more than sufficient. You should not feel the requirement to prepare for the same from anywhere else but still you can go through some of the best books like:

  • RS Agarwal
  • Arun Sharma

Can you list out some of the most important topics for Infosys Technical Ability Test 2023?

We generally do not recommend to prepare topic wise in Infosys Technical Ability Exam but yes there are some important topics which you can give extra attention to. these topics are as follows:

  • Speed, Time and Distance
  • Time and Work
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Data Interpretation
  • Mixture and Alligations

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