Infosys Mathematical and Logical Questions and Answers 2023

Infosys Mathematical and Logical Questions with Answers 2023

Infosys mathematical and logical questions and answers is a newly introduced section in Infosys exam that is currently going on for Infosys On-campus and Off-campus for System Engineer (SE) role.

Go through the whole page to know about Infosys Mathematical and Logical Questions with Answers along with detailed sectional Analysis, difficulty, importance, cut-off etc.

Infosys Mathematical and logical Questions and answers

Infosys mathematical and Logical Questions with Answers 2023

Here we have discussed Infosys Mathematical and Logical Questions with answers section analysis to get you an idea about the overview of this section:

Infosys Mathematical and Logical  Questions and Answers:

Mathematical and Logical SectionInfosys
Number of Questions10 Questions
Time Limit35 Mins
Type of ExamAdaptive
Mode ConductedOnline

Infosys Mathematical and Logical Section Overview

10 Question

Total Question

35 minutes

Total Time




Negative Marking

Infosys Mathematical and Logical Syllabus 2023

Infosys has changed the name of it’s Aptitude section to Infosys Mathematical and Logical sections, along with this they may introduced few topics from logical as well but they will also be in the form of Aptitude format.

**Note: Cryptarithmetic may or may not be part of this section, as it may also come in Analytical and Aritmatic sections well.

More info about Infosys Aptitude Test sections:

Number of Questions – 10
Time Limit – 35 mins
Difficulty – Easy-Medium
Adaptive – Yes

Sample Practice Questions on all the topics for Infosys Mathematical and Logical Setion (Aptitude Test) Test -:

Question 1: You have constructed an unusual clock face on which every number (1-12) is written in roman numerals. Now, you asked your friend to divide the clock face into 4 parts such that the numerals on each part and up to the same number

Which of the following is the correct sum of each part?

A. 21.0

B. 20.0

C. 10.0

D. 15.0

Question 2: There are 2 groups A and B in a class. A consists of six boys and five girls whereas B consists of five boys and six girls. They plan a social activity team of five boys and five girls such that five persons are selected from each of the two groups with atleast two boys and two girls from each group. In how many ways can this be done?

A. 22500.0

B. 40000.0

C. 62500.0

D. 67600,0

Question 3: On a Monday morning, the teacher calls 5 students on the stage and makes them stand next to each other as per their height from shortest to tallest. All of them are facing the class Alter standing in their respective positions, Manoj is between Abhay and Ajay Shankar is not next to Ajay. Gaurav’s position is before Shankar’s position but not before Manoy’s position Who is the tallest among these 5 students?

A. 4

B. Abhay

C. Aay

D. Shankar

E. Cannot be determined from the given statement

Question 4: What is the missing term in the sequence 1, 2, 3, 0, 3, 0, -1, 25

A. 4.0

B. 6.0

C. 2.0

D. 1.0

Question 5: There are some cows, hens and goats in Baburam’s farm. His 8-year-old son, Vishnu, is fond of counting. One day, he counts the legs of all the animals and tells his father that the sum is 210 Next day Baburam adds more hens and goats to his tam. The number of animals added by Baburam is half the number of animals which were earlier there in the farm. With this addition, the number of cows is same as the number of goats in the farm Now, Vishnu tells that the sum of all the animals legs is 300.

Next day, Baburam’s neighbor Bhola, who has same number of cows as Baburam, sends his cows to Baburam’s farm. Now, Vishnu counts and tells his father that the total number of animas in their farm is 135 How many
goats were newly added by Baburam in the farm?

A. 5

B. 10

C. 7

D. 15

Question 6: Ram and Shyam starts in opposite direction. When they meet each other, Shyam reaches left end in 4 hours, and Ram reaches the right end in 16 hours. If the speed of Shyam is 48km/hr then find the speed of Ram .

A. 20 kmph

B. 21 kmph

C. 22 kmph

D. 24 kmph

Question 7: There are 3 red, 2 yellow, and 2 blue balls. If two balls are picked at random, what is the probability that none of them is blue?

A. 10/21

B. 11/21

C. 21/10

D. 21/11

Question 8: In how many ways the word CHAMPION can be arranged so that atleast two vowels are adjacent to each other. 

A. 30240

B. 30420

C. 20430

D. 40440

Question 9:

What will be the next term?

10, 30, 68, 130, …. ?

A. 145

B. 190

C. 220

D. 800

Question 10: A man buys 3 vegetables at Rs. 100/ kg, Rs. 80/ kg, Rs. 60/kg. He mixed them at ratio 3:4:5. And sell the vegetables at 20% profit. Find the selling price after mixed?

A. Rs. 12880

B. Rs. 13248

C. Rs. 13340

D. Rs. 18980


Is there any negative marking for this section?

No, there will be no negative marking for Infosys Mathematical and Logical Section.  You can attempt all the questions but you need to practice well for this round.

What is the difficulty level of this section?

This year the difficulty is going to be high as now they are merging both numerical and logical topics to make one question.

Is cryptarithmetic comes under this section?

Cryptarithmetic may or may not be part of this section as it can also comes under arithmetic and analytical section.

How to attempt this section?

As it will be an adaptive section we will advise to attempt wisely, because the level of question is going to increase as soon as you start correcting the questions. But if a easy question jumps up suddenly then you can have an idea that you may has solved the previous question incorrectly. So attempt the next question more carefully.

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