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Tech Mahindra Recruitment Process 2020

Tech Mahindra Recruitment Process for Freshers 2020

Tech Mahindra has updated its Recruitmetn process last in 2017, they introduced a new round of picture composition/group discussion round depending upon the colleges, including this the other rounds are
  • Online Test
  • Picture Composition/Group Discussion Round
  • Technical Round
  • HR Interview
No of Rounds3
Test TypeNon-Adaptive
Sectional cut-offno
Negative MarkingNo
Receuitment process

Design Services​

Job Offers

Associate Technical Trainee

CTC and Service Agreement

2.2-2.5 LPA during Training
3.0-3.5 LPA after joining

Skills Required

Good understanding of Operating Systems (OS),computer fundamentals. Good analytical and problem-solving skills

Online Test Pattern

Round 1

Online Test

  •  This test is conducted to check your mental and general awareness.
  • The test consists of three section namely Quants, Logical and Verbal
  • There are a total of 75 questions and 50 minutes to solve them all.
  • There is no sectional cut-off, and negative marking

Round 2

Picture Composition/ Group Discussion

After completing the first round, you will be passed to the second round. This round depends on the rank of your college, that whether Tech Mahindra conducts picture composition round or group discussion round.

  • In the Picture composition round, you will be asked to write a small composition related to a given picture.
  • In the group discussion round, there will be a group of 10-15 students in each group, and they will be given a topic to discuss between themselves in a given period of time
technical round

Round 3

Technical Round

You will be facing this round, after clearing round 2. In this round they will be testing your knowledge on the technical skills that you have mentioned in your resume.

  • They will ask about the various technologies that you have mentioned in your resume.
  • Keep in mind, not to mention anything in your resume that you don’t know or you are not sure about.
  • They may also ask some questions about the emerging technologies like cloud computing, IoT, AI,ML, etc.
MindTree Interview

Round 4

HR Interview

This is the final round, reaching up to this round that you have almost secured you job, this round is conducted to check your communication and inter-personal skills, to check how well do you handle pressure situations and other basic corporate ethics

Wipro NLTH Elite Eligibility Criteria 2019-20| FAQs

Will there be any other round than the above mentioned ?

NO, there will be no other round then the above mentioned one

Can we clear the recruitment process if my technical is not that strong ?

Yes, there are chances that you may clear it, but we will recommend you to work on your technical as much as you can.

From where can we prepare for the recruitment ?

You can visit our Tech Mahindra Dashboard

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