Should students get limited access to the internet​

Should students get limited access to the internet​

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The internet should NOT be restricted to students. Students are harming themselves with their course readings and overwhelming binders. With workstations we won’t require reading material or covers rather we’ll simply have PCs and tablets it will likewise save an enormous measure of money. Youngsters have the ability to choose what is alright for them to see

Technology is significantly further developed than it has ever been. It can enable struggling children to go from an F in a class to an A+’ Sites like Khan-Academy, Crash Course, thus numerous more are helping youngsters comprehend what is happening in school. What’s more, for kids with mental in capacities, it can give them an alternate method for getting the hang of something.

By limiting adolescent’s Internet access to, it discloses to them that they can’t believe their parents or whoever restricts their access. Grown-ups dependably say that young people are in regards to be grown-ups soon and they should be mindful however then say that they can’t be trusted with the huge responsibility of using the internet.


Internet access must be limited to  students. We are living in an IT revolution era. Indispensability of internet and computers cannot be denied. The modern youth and children don’t have any other option. Internet and computers have already taken over each and every field.

There is no denying the fact that this boom in the IT revolution has taken its toll. As the axiom goes ‘Excess of everything is bad.’
children have shown enormous interest in the virtual reality created by IT revolution. Easy access to smart phones, tabs, laptops, internet compatible TV, internet, etc. has adversely affected the contemporary children. They prefer sitting glued to the LED screens of the above mentioned devices at the cost of their games and sports, and studies.

They no longer know the joys of playing outdoor games. So their health has deteriorated considerably. Their impressionably minds are at risk of being exposed to vulgar and obscene sites teeming on internet. Besides, sitting for long hours in front of these screens affects their eyes, as well as mind. They remain tense, always busy processing one thing or another. They don’t have peace of mind. They have forgotten the art of writing letters, reading books, comics, listening to stories from grandparents, etc. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other messengers keep them engrossed. This addiction is not going to stand them in good stead. This is going to deprive them of
physical and mental strength that one gets from playing outdoor games and reading books.

The elders must play a proactive role in stopping them from going astray. The need of the hour is to take precautions and cautions in the
use of internet by children. The teachers and parents must teach children the art of using internet wisely. The Government must make some internet regulatory strategies to keep the young children away from the negative influences of the internet. Failing to do so is surely going to have repercussions.