InfyTQ Qualifier Round 2022

InfyTQ Qualifier Round
Questions 2022

Here on this page, you will get the information about InfyTQ Qualifier Round Questions. InfyTQ commonly known as Infosys Certification Exam  is a contest for all engineering students and is divided into 2 different rounds.

Two Rounds of InfyTQ are:-

  • Round 1 (Qualifier Round)
  • Round 2 (Final Round)

InfyTQ Qualifier Round

  • Qualifier Round as the name itself reflects its role, basically, this is a kind of decider round for Infosys Certification Exam.
  • It’s the First Round where you will get 40 MCQ’s in 60 mins.
InfyTQ Qualifier test
Section Number of Question
Quants + Logical 10 Question
DBMS 10 Ques
Programming 20 Ques

InfyTQ Qualifier Round For Freshers 2022

Section 1
Quants + Logical
  • 10 Question
  • 60 mins (Shared)
Section 2
  • 10 Question
  • 60 mins(Shared)
Section 3
  • 20 Question
  • 60 mins(Shared)

InfyTQ Qualifier Round 2022

InfyTQ Qualifier Round for Freshers Information

InfyTQ Final Round Question and Answer :

  • The  Qualifier Round of Infosys Certification Exam is also known as Screening Test.
  • The duration of InfyTQ Qualifier R0und Examination is 60 minutes.
  • There will be 4 different section in Qualifier Round.
    • Quants
    • Logical
    • DBMS
    • Programming (Java/Python)
  • There will be Negative marking in Qualifier Round.
  • On each correct option you will be provided 1 marks and on each incorrect option 0.25 marks will be deducted.
  • After clearing Qualifier Round you will be moved to another Round i.e Final Round

Additional Information (FAQ's)

Is there any negative marking in InfyTQ Qualifier Round?

Yes, there will be negative marking in InfyTQ Qualifier Round. 0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer.

What are the important topics of InfyTQ Qualifier Round?

InfyTQ Qualifier Round is divided into 4 section and all sections are equally important-

  • Quants
  • Logical
  • DBMS
  • Programming