InfyTQ Final Round 2022

InfyTQ Final Round Questions

Here on this page, you will get the information about InfyTQ Final Round Questions. InfyTQ or Infosys Certification Exam is a contest for all engineering students and is divided into 2 different rounds which are followed by Behavioral Test/Interview.

InfyTQ Exam Rounds:-

  • Round 1 (Qualifier Round)
  • Round 2 (Final Round)
  • Behavioral Interview
Final round is the second round for InfyTQ Exam. In this round, there are 2 sections which has 22 questions in total.
InfyTQ final round
SectionNumber of Question
Coding (Hands on)2 Ques

InfyTQ Final Test

Section 1
Hands on (Coding)
  • 2 Question
  • 3 Hour(Shared)
Section 2
  • 20 Question
  • 3 Hour(Shared)

InfyTQ 2022 Final Round

Points to be Remembered

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InfyTQ Final Round for Freshers Information

InfyTQ Final Round Question and Answer :

  • The  Final Round of Infosys Certification Exam is now Online web -proctored Examination.
  • The duration of Final R0und Examination is 3 hours.
  • Final Round is divided into 2 section i.e Objective and Hands on.
  • There will be no Negative Round for InfyTQ Final Round.
  • If you score 65% or above you will be eligible for a job interview at Infosys.
  • You will receive your certificate on your registered email address after the verification and Interview Process.
  • The Interview will be conducted on a video call platform to check your Technical and Behavioral skills.

InfyTQ Final Round Preparation

The Final Round of Infosys Certification will further test your in-depth knowledge in Programming and Database Management-

Objective Question Topics:

  • DBMS – 10 ques
  • Java/python – 10 ques

Coding Question Topics:

  • Java or
  • Pyhton (2 ques)

Note: Question will be asked according your preference Java or Python.

InfyTQ Final Round -Documents Required

Important Instructions :-

Mandatory Documents : You will be allowed to give Infosys Certification Examination only upon presenting the following documents.

  • Original College ID
  • Original government issued photo identification proof.
  • Printed copy of the call letter to gain entry
  • 2 recent passport size colored photographs.
  • Updated Resume.
required documents for InfyTQ- Infytq FInal round

Additional Information (FAQ's)

How many rounds are there in the InfyTQ exam?

There are 3 rounds in InfyTQ exam:-
  1. Qualifier Round
  2. Final Round
  3. Behavioral Test/Round

How many ques are there in Final Round based on coding?

There are 2 questions that are based on hands on coding. You can opt for Java or Python as your preferred language to code while registering for InfyTQ exam.