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Infosys Certification Examination 2022

Detailed Analysis of InfyTQ Certification

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Infosys Certification Exam 2020

About Infosys Certification Examination

 Infosys conducts exam every year in the name of InfyTQ to examine your industry readiness by analyzing your knowledge in programming and databases. 

NOTE: “Amidst Pandemic, InfyTQ rounds will be conducted Online and will be Web-proctored. You need to check the per-requisite requirements before attending the exam.”

Please ensure that the laptop/desktop computer you plan to use for taking the online tests fulfills the
following system requirements. Taking the test on a mobile or a tablet is not recommended.
• i3 Core processor or higher
• Fully functional webcam. You can test your webcam at
• Google Chrome browser version 70 or above with disabled pop-up blocker. Taking the test on any
other Web browser is not recommended.
• A stable Internet connection of a minimum 2 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed
• Uninterrupted power supply for the duration of the tests.
To check your system readiness, click on the link:

InfyTQ Test PatternSectionsDetailsQuestionsTime
Round 1Java/python20 ques on Java/python20 Ques60 mins
Aptitude + DBMS10 Aptitude + 10 DBMS Ques20 Ques
Round 2Java/Python + DBMS20 MCQ’s2 Ques3 hours
Hands on Coding2 Java/ Python Ques20 Ques

Infosys Certification Exam - Step By Step Guide

Infosys Certification Exam 2022-21

About - Infosys Certification Examination 2022

Qualifier Round



  1. Divided into 3 sections
  2. MCQ based on Apti, DBMS and Java/Python
  3. There will be no negative marking.
  4. There will be 40 questions with a time limit of 1 hours

Final Round



  1. Divided into 2 sections
  2. Objective & Hands On
    (Coding )
  3. There will be no negative marking.
  4. There will be 22 questions with a time limit of 3 hours

Infosys Certification Examination for Freshers 2022

InfyTQ Qualifier Round-

  • Make sure to fill the correct details at the time of registering for Infosys Certification, as changes are not allowed post registration.
  • You have to choose a language between Java or Python  according to your convenience at the  time of Registration.
  • The test will be of 60 minutes duration and will contain 40 multiple choice questions (20 on Programming using Python or Java, 10 on DBMS and 10 on aptitude).
  • Each correct answer will give you 1 mark and every wrong answer will deduct 0.25 mark.
  • The results of the Qualifier Round will be shared with you through email as well as on InfyTQ.
  • The Qualifier Round is a web-proctored examination and can be taken from anywhere, on any computer.
InfyTQ Qualifier RoundNo. of questions in testTotal Time
Quants5 Ques60 mins (Shared)
Logical5 Ques60 mins (Shared)
Java/Python20 Ques60 mins (Shared)
DBMS10 Ques60 mins (Shared)
Total40 Ques60 mins

InfyTQ Final Round-

Students who clear the Qualifier Round will be eligible for the Final Round and you will get the instructions for next round on mail.

  • You have to score 65% or above in the Final Round of Infosys Certification Examination.
  • After that you will be eligible for a pre-placement interview for the Systems Engineer role on the same day.
  • The test will be of 3 hours duration and will contain 22 questions (20 objective and 2 Hands On (Coding)).
  • There will be no negative marking.
InfyTQ Final RoundNo. of questions in testTotal Time
Java/Python20 Question3 hours (Shared)
Coding2 Question3 hours (Shared)
Total22 Question3 hours

Behavioral Test/Interview

  • The interview, which will primarily test your behavioral skills, will be conducted after the Final Round of Infosys Certificatio for System Engineer Role at Infosys.
  • But based on your performance in interview, you might get the chance to give the “Advance Test” for InfyTQ exam.
    •  Advanced Test is conducted for InfyTQ Exam Higher Package Roles. After clearing the final round you will become “Infosys Certified Developer.”.
    • This Advanced Test has no relation with InfyTQ Certification Program.
  • So basically, students who clear the Final Round of Infosys Certification and the Interview will get an opportunity to upgrade their offer by taking another test.
    Based on the performance of those who opt for the upgrade test, students will be interviewed for either the Power Programmer role
    (remuneration: 8 Lakhs per annum) or Systems Engineer Specialist role (remuneration: 5 Lakhs per annum).
  • The Systems Engineer role offer will remain valid irrespective of the student’s performance in the upgrade test.