How To Prepare For Off Campus Placements

hacks to prepare for off campus placements

Off Campus Placement Preparation

Start your Off Campus Placement Preparation with this page. We have provided step by step guidelines on how to prepare for off campus placements.

What is Off Campus Placement?

Campus Placements are categorized into two types:- On Campus Placements and Off Campus Placements. In this page, we have given a detailed guide on Off Campus Placement Preparation.

Off Campus Placement is comparatively tougher than On Campus, as the student pool applying for it is higher. There are lakhs of students applying for Off Campus Placements hence it is tougher to crack Off Campus Placements as compared to On Campus placements.  

Difference Between Off Campus Placements and On Campus Placements

Off Campus PlacementsOn Campus Placements
Campus drives organized outside the colleges and universities.Campus drives organized within colleges and universities
High competition as lakhs of students apply for the same job openingComparitively lower compeition as the application pool is limited to the student body of the campus.
Wide range of companies hire off-campusNumber of companies hiring on campus is limited
All tier college students get equal opportunities to applyUsually tier 1 college students get better offers than tier 2 and tier 3
Tougher to prepare for as the difficulty level of recruitment exam is high.Compartiviely easier to prepare for.

Steps to Prepare for Off-Campus Placements

Service Based and Product Based Companies both hire for Off-Campus Placements. However, the recruitment process for Off-Campus Placements varies depending on the company. 

Placement Process for Service-Based Companies

How to Prepare for Placements in Service Based Companies
how to prepare for placements service based companies

Placement Process for Product-Based Companies

How to Prepare for Placements in Product Based Companies
how to prepare for placements product based companies

Roadmap To Prepare For Off-Campus Placements

Placement preparation can be overwhelming and at times make you feel lost and not sure where to start. We have provided roadmaps to start your placement preparations.

Hacks To Prepare For Off Campus Placements

  • Solve Aptitude Questions on a daily basis, as the first round of most exams will be aptitude. Off-Campus Placement exams are generally tougher, with questions being of hard level, hence you need to have constant practice in aptitude.
  • Do revision with the previous year questions asked in the company’s exam.
  • Before interviews, read the interview experiences of previous candidates to know more about the interview process.

Roadmap to Prepare for Placements (General)

how to prepare for aptitude in placements
how to prepare for engineering placements'

Roadmap to Prepare for Placements (Non-CS/IT)

aptitude topics for placement pdf
how to start placement preparations

Roadmap to Prepare for Placements (10+ lpa Packages)

importance of aptitude in competitive exams
placement preparations for freshers

How To Crack Off-Campus Placements?

Below you will find a detailed guide to preparing for Off-Campus Placements. This plan will help you prepare for the Off-Campus Placement exams of all Service-Based and Product-Based Companies.

The common rounds in Off-Campus Placements are:-

  1. Registration Process
  2. Online Assessments
    1. Aptitude Round
    2. Coding Round
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR Interview

Placement Rounds:-

Below we have given a detailed explanation of all the rounds that are conducted in Off-Campus Placements. You will also find the relevant links which will help you prepare for each round.


The first step in Off-Campus placements is registration. As opposed to On-Campus placements, registration for Off-Campus is more important and comparatively tougher.

Important Points To Remember:-

  • Registration portals can crash especially when application deadline is near.
  • It is important to fill out the application form correctly with updated details, as in most forms you cannot change the details once submitted.
  • Keep track of any unique ID or credentials that you receive during registration.

To know more check out this page:- How To Apply For Off-Campus Placements?


Online Assessment is the first round of any Off-Campus Placement Drive. This round tests your aptitude and coding skills. Depending on the company there can be one or more than one online assessments.

2.1 Aptitude Test

Usually, aptitude the first round of online assessment is aptitude. This includes quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal aptitude, psychometric, etc.. Often students do not prepare for this round, as they are more focused on coding. However, it is a big mistake, as aptitude test marks are very important and if you fail in this round, you will not be able to sit for the further rounds.

Find some of the important links below:-

2.2 Coding

The coding test or coding round is the second part of online assessments. Some companies conduct this as a separate round while some conduct it with the aptitude round. This round is further sub-divided into the following types:-

  • Coding MCQs
  • Automata Fix
  • Pseudocode
  • Hands-On Coding

Below we have provided a priority order you can follow to prepare for Coding Test

1. Pick a Programming Language

Start with one programming language. You can pick any between C, C++, Java or Python depending on your level of interest and expertise. However, it is advisable to learn C first as it covers all the basic programming concepts that are asked in MCQs.

C/C++ should be your top priority. Most companies have a programming round with MCQ questions. These questions are based on C and C++. These languages have concepts that are not present in other programming languages like pointers, operator overloading, etc.

2. Hands-on Coding

Once you have learned the concepts of programming, the next step is to start hands-on coding. This means being able to write codes for various problem statements. You can check out our Top 100 Codes to prepare for this round.

3. Interview

After the online assessments the next round is interviews. Depending on the company/profile/package there can be one or more than one interview. The different types of interviews that are conducted during Off-Campus Placement Drives are:-

  • Technical Interview
  • Managerial Interview
  • HR Interview
  • Case Study
  • Group Discussion

Below we have explained each round.

1. Technical Interview:-

This is the most important and mandatory interview round in the recruitment process. The interviewer tests your technical and coding skills. Important topics that are covered in the TR interview include:-

  1.  Hands-On Coding
  2. Projects
  3. Certifications

Find the important links below:-

2. Managerial or Techno Managerial Interview

This round is usually not conducted separately for off-campus placements unless it is a product-based company or it is a high-package job. This round focuses on situational-based questions, projects, and technical questions.

Important Links for Techno-Managerial Round:-

3. HR Interviews

HR Interview is conducted along with the technical interview or as a final round. This round mostly focuses on personality testing questions and whether or not you are a good fit for the company culture.

Important Links for HR Interview:-

4. Case Study and Group Discussions

Companies like ZS, Deloitte, and more conduct GD and Case Study rounds even during their Off-Campus Placement Drive. 

Important Links for Group Discussion:-

Additional Skills:-

Additional Skills that will help you crack Off-Campus placements and land a high paying job, include:-

1. Data Structure Algorithms

In the past couple of years, Data Structures and Algorithms are more frequently asked in Off-Campus Placements. Hence you should spend some additional time improving your DSA skills.

2. Competitive Coding

Competitive coding is basically advanced level coding. If you are aiming for a 10 LPA package then you should prepare competitive coding questions as well.

3. Interview Puzzles

Puzzles are most frequently asked in Off-Campus interviews. Along with your technical skills, interviewers also check your critical thinking and problem solving skills. Hence, you should prepare important interview puzzles before attending any interview.problem-solving

4. Digital Skills

Off-Campus Placements are highly competitive, hence having additional digital skills in your resume gives you a chance to stand out among your peers. Hence, it is advisable to do a certification course on any of the trending digital technologies like:-

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Web Development
  • Big Data


Once you have completed all the above steps you can start your revision by checking our company dashboards below:-

FAQs on "How to Prepare for Off Campus Placements"

Question: How do I prepare for good Off-Campus Placements?


  • Start preparation early, do not wait for the last moment to start your placement studies.
  • Focus on aptitude along with coding.
  • Work on projects and get certifications

Question: Is it hard to crack Off-Campus Placements?


As the application pool is wide, the competition for Off-Campus placements is high. Hence, it can get difficult to crack Off-Campus placements, however, if you prepare well you can crack it

Question: In which year should I apply for Off-Campus placements?


Most companies start their Off-Campus placement drives during the seventh semester of college. While a few companies can start their drives during the six semester.

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