What is MyAnatomy Test?

What is MyAnatomy Test?

What is MyAnatomy Test?

MyAnatomy is a web-based evaluation application.Employers can manage candidate tests and analyse candidate capabilities using the framework, which is a SaaS-based and AI-based approach.Students use the product to determine their abilities.The type of question and the amount of time it takes to answer it is determined by the organisation by which the exam is being conducted. 

My Anatomy was founded by Chinmaya Dash and Bindu Bala in the year 2016 in Bangalore,India.

What is MyAnatomy Test: Pattern

My Anatomy is one of the emerging platforms for placement drives.It don’t conducts its own tests instead it acts as a platform for companies to hire students. MyAnatomy test is the name of that particular exam

My Anatomy Exam 2022*No. of QuestionsTime
Numerical Ability10-15 Ques.15 mins
Logical Reasoning10-15 Ques.15 mins
Domain Related Questions10 Ques.15 mins
Verbal Ability10-12 Ques.15 mins
Coding6-8 Ques.45 mins

What is the Eligibility Criteria for MyAnatomy test?

The Company which is hiring determines the Eligibility criteria.There is no any eligibility criteria for My Anatomy.

Few Generic criteria are mentioned which all companies implies:

  • Minimum of 60% throught academics. i.e.. a minimum of 60% in 10th,12th and Graduation.
  • Most of the companies don’t allows even a single backlog,but there are few which can allow a maximum of 2 backlogs.
BranchesBE/B.Tech, MCA, ME/Mtech or M.Sc.
Other Branches
  • MCA, MBA graduates are eligible to apply.
  • BCA graduates are also eligible to apply.
BacklogNo active Backlog
Class 10th marksMinimum 60%
Class 12th marksMinimum 60%
GraduationMinimum 60%
Coding LanguageC, C++, Python, C Sharp

Note:-There is no Criteria for My Anatomy.Companies onboarded with My Anatomy set their own Eligibility criteria. CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ELIGIBILITY

MyAnatomy Test exam Pattern( Generic)

Table contains Generic data.The exam Pattern may vary depending on the company.

Round 1
Online Written Test
  • Numerical Ability -10- 15 Question
  • Logical Reasoning- 10 - 15 Question
  • Domain Related Questions - 10 Question
  • Verbal Ability- 10-12 Question
  • Coding Round- 6-8 Question
  • Round 2
    Technical Interview
    • Questions related to Technical Background
    Round 3
    HR Round
    • This is one of the easiest Round
    • Questions will be of basics and behavioural

    Syllabus For My Anatomy Test

    Quants MyAnatomy

    Numerical Ability

    • Profit and Loss
    • Problems on Ages
    • S.I & C.I
    • Averages
    • Series and Progression
    • Speed Time and Distance
    • Pipes and Cisterns
    • Probability
    • Geometry….

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    Logical MyAnatomy

    Logical Ability

    • Coding-Decoding
    • Directional Sense
    • Puzzles
    • Blood Relations
    • Seating Arrangements
    • Cubes
    • Visual Reasoning
    • Clocks and Calendars
    • Statements and Conclusions

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    MyAnatomy reasoning


    • Error identification
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Idioms and phrases (grammar)
    • Sentence completion
    • Synonyms
    • Fill in the blank
    • Spelling
    • Preposition

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    Coding My Anatomy


    • Bubble Sort
    • Array
    • Loop
    • DP
    • Recursions
    • String and Char
    • Hash Map
    • Graph Theory

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    Note: There is no any fixed cut-off  for My Anatomy.The Cut-off marks always depend on the company which is hiring.

    What is MyAnatomy Test: FAQ's

    Does MyAnatomy have its own eligibility criteria?

    MyAnatomy is a website where various organisations administer tests for qualified students.They don’t have their own set of standards.The firms who administer the test determine the eligibility criteria.

    Which Companies hires through MyAnatomy?

    There are numerous companies which hires through MyAnatomy.

    • Epam
    • LG Soft India
    • Metric Stream
    • Jade Global
    • SG Analytics
    • Hinduja Tech
    • Bitwise
    • Calsoft
    • Capita
    • Technoflair
    • ondot