How to prepare for MyAnatomy test 2023

How to Prepare for MyAnatomy Test

If you are looking for How to prepare for MyAnatomy Test 2023 for Freshers then you are at correct place.  MyAnatomy is one of the newer platforms for placement drives.It works as a platform for companies to hire eligible students rather than conducting its own exam.

On this page you will know how to prepare  for MyAnatomy Test 2023 and detailed information about them.

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How to prepare for MyAnatomy Test 2023

How to prepare for MyAnatomy Test for Freshers

The difficulty level of exam is a bit high.So prepare well and prepare atleast 2 months before the exam:

The table below helps to analyze the detailed sections asked in My Anatomy

Aptitude Section

Profit and Loss0-22 minsMedium
Ages0-31 min 15 secslow
S.I and C.I0-31 min 10 secsHigh
Average0-21 min 25 secsMedium
Series and Progression0-11 min 30 secslow
Speed,Time and Distance0-31 min 25 secshigh
Pipes and Cisterns0-11 minlow
Probability0-31 min 15 secsHigh
Geometry0-31 min 15 secsHigh
Mixture and Allegations0-21 min 15 secsHigh
Equations0-21 min 20 secsmedium
Partnerships0-21 min 25 seclow
Percentages0-31 minlow

Logical Section

Figure based Puzzles 0-2 1 min Easy – High
Visual Reasoning 1-2 1 min Moderate
Cubes-Folding and Unfolding 0-2 40 secs Easy
Cubes-Painting and Cuts 2-1 40 secs Medium
Coding – Decoding 0-2 1 min Easy
Directional Senses 0-2 1 min Easy-Medium
Blood Relation 1-2 1 min High
Arrangements 1-2 1 min Moderate
Calendars 0-1 1 min Moderate

Verbal Section

Reading Comprehension 0-2 5 min Medium
Error Identification/Correction 0-1 1 min Hard
Idioms and Phrases 0-3 1 min Medium
Word/Sentence Completion 0-2 1 min Medium
Fill in the Blanks 0-2 1 min Medium
Synonyms 0-1 1 min Easy
Spellings 0-2 1 min Moderate
Preposition 0-2 2 min Medium

How to prepare for MyAnatomy: Exam Pattern

Below different sections are mentioned in which questions are classified along with their time duration.

My Anatomy Exam 2023*No. of QuestionsTime
Numerical Ability10-15 Ques.15 mins
Logical Reasoning10-15 Ques.15 mins
Domain Related Questions10 Ques.15 mins
Verbal Ability10-12 Ques.15 mins
Coding6-8 Ques.45 mins

Note:Apart from this we provide free and paid mock quizes as well which will help to understand better and practice more.

Why to prepare for My Anatomy

Why to prepare MyAnatomy

My Anatomy bridges the divide between candidates and opportunities.

It provides an opportunity to appear and get selected in various companies based on the eligibility of students.

How you can prepare for My Anatomy

How to prepare for MyAnatomy

You should have the knowledge of whole syllabus.Try to focus more on the topics which you consider as tough.

We have free and Paid quizes which will help you to cover all the types of questions of all the topics which is asked.


 What Is The Best Way For Preparing MyAnatomy Test 2023 Exam?

The Best way for the preparation of MyAnatomy Exam are:

  1. Get your basic clear and strong for each section, and the difficulty level of MyAntomy is moderate high.
  2. You should go through the PrepInsta study material get an overview what type of questions MyAnatomy asks in the exam.
  3. You must have a good Coding skills and Domain knowledge, because MyAnatomy asks hard level questions from them.
  4. Practice for all section , Give time according to your capacity.
  5. Try mock exam to test you preparation level .

 Do I study the My Anatomy coding free content or the MyAnatomy paid material ?

Obviously, the paid material will have more content and more questions will be available to practice in paid material. The free content is only to help you understand the type of questions asked. Free material won’t be enough to help you to crack the exams.

What are the Tricks To Crack MyAnatomy Exam?

PrepInsta do contain all the Previous year Paper and Practice Questions. You can prepare from there.