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MyAnatomy Eligibility Criteria

MyAnatomy Eligibility Criteria

There are no specific MyAnatomy Eligibility Criteria. The eligibility require-ments are entirely determined by the organization for which you are apply-ing. However, all the companies have a set of criteria that are mutual to all. These criteria belong to academic qualification on a whole. Let’s discuss some of them below:

MyAnatomy Eligibility Criteria

Few Generic criteria are mentioned which all companies implies:

  • Minimum of 60% through out academics. i.e.. a minimum of 60% in 10th,12th and Graduation.
  • Most of the companies don’t allows even a single backlog,but there are few which can allow a maximum of 2 backlogs.
BranchesBE/B.Tech, MCA, ME/Mtech or M.Sc.
Other Branches
  • MCA, MBA graduates are eligible to apply.
  • BCA graduates are also eligible to apply.
BacklogNo active Backlog
Class 10th marksMinimum 60%
Class 12th marksMinimum 60%
GraduationMinimum 60%

Note:-There is no specific MyAnatomy Eligibility Criteria.Companies onboarded with My Anatomy set their own Eligibility criteria.

My Anatomy Eligibility Criteria

MyAnatomy B.E/

For B.E/B.Tech


  1. Should have 60% above in 10th
  2. Should have 60% above in 12th
  3. Should have 60% above in Graduation
  4. Plus point if a certification in Several Programming Language is there.


For M.E/


  1. Should have 60% above in 10th
  2. Should have 60% above in 12th
  3. Should have 60% above in Graduation
  4. No Current Backlog.

Note:Above Data is generic data.The criteria may vary depending on the eligibility set by the company

My Anatomy Eligibility Criteria for freshers

MyAnatomy Percentage criteria

Percentage Criteria

Most of the companies hiring through My Anatomy keeps a percentage criteria of minimum of 60% throughout Academics. i.e.. 60% in X,XII,Diploma,UG,PG

MyAnatomy Eligible Streams

All Engineering Streams Students available

Usually CS/IT and ECE students are allowed in most of the companies .But there are many companies which hires students from other branches also.

MyAnatomy Year Gap Eligibility

Education Gap

Maximum of one year education gap is allowed.Many companies can allow upto 2 years of gap also.

MyAnatomy Backlogs Eligibility

Active Backlogs

It totally depends on the the company for which placement drive is going on.Many companies doesn’t allows any backlogs.but there are many companies which allows backlogs.


Which branches are eligible for My Anatomy?

My Anatomy is a platform through which different companies hires eligible students.The Eligibility criteria totally depends on the company for which hiring is going on.Though Full time graduates from B.E/ are eligible for the company tests.

I passed out 2 years back still i didn't have any job.Can i Apply here?

You need to figure out for which company is the hiring going on and if they are allowing 2 years passouts to attend the drive.There are many companies which recruits one or two years pass outs.