Mahindra Comviva Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

Mahindra Comviva Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers



Time Duration

20 min


Logcal Reasoning is the third section

Negative Marking


Mahindra ComViva Logical Curriculum 2019

mahindra comviva curriculum logical 2019

Mahindra Comviva Logical Reasoing Paper with Solutions- 2019

Logical interview Experience for Mahindra Comviva

Name: Renu Gopal Iyer

College: Alagappa College of Technology, Chennai

Branch: Computer Science

Type of interview: Off-Campus Interview

Student Interview

I am currently working as an L2 Support Engineer at the Comviva Technology, Gurugram. I saw on my Facebook newsfeed that Mahindra Comviva was conducting an off-campus drive in June in the major cities across the country. I immediately went on the official page and applied through the link they provided. I uploaded my resume, and by that, I received an invitation email from the company stating “You are eligible to participate in the drive.” I accepted the invitation and then I received the hall ticket for the drive. I went through many practice papers, previous interview experiences of the candidates available on the PrepInsta Dashboard, which were indeed a great help.

The complete selection process was divided into four rounds,

  1. Written Round
  2. Technical Interview 1
  3. Technical Interview 2
  4. HR Interview.

AMCAT Written Round

It was a medium test for 3 hours. There were four sections in the paper, Quants, Logical Reasoning, Verbal English, Aspiring Personality Test, and Computer Programming Test. Most of the questions were same as I practiced on PrepInsta. The results of the paper were revealed after 14 days. I received an email from Mahindra Comviva that my score has been shortlisted and I have to report at the Gurugram campus after two days along with all the essential documents and a Xerox copy of the AMCAT scorecard.

Face to Face Interview

I reported at the Gurugram campus sharp at 9 as my interview was scheduled at 10. There were total three rounds,

  1. Technical Round I
  2. Technical Round II
  3. HR Round

Technical Interview I

The interviewer greeted me and asked me to take a seat. He went through my CV thoroughly, and started asking questions. But first he gave me a sheet of paper and asked me to write the logic for an anagram program. He gave me 5 minutes and soon after he moved to the next question.

Most of the questions were from Data Structures, RDBMS, Basic JAVA, and OOPS. Some of the questions I faced were,

  •  What is a tuple?
  •  Explain two principles of RDBMS.
  • Name the operations performed on, the relational database.
  •  Explain System R.
  • Differentiate between JDK, JVM, and JRE.
  • What are wrapper classes?
  • What are singleton classes?

After the technical questions, the interviewer asked about my summer internship and asked to explain the projects I had worked on before. He asked some questions based on situations like, “Suppose I am your client, and you have missed my project deadline. How will you handle this situation?” The questions asked were in a jumbled form, like one question he asked of technical, then he moved towards my CV, then back to technical, then some hypothetical situation based questions. The interview went on for 40-45 minutes. At last, he asked me to wait outside for the next round.

Technical Interview II

This round was more stressful, as compared to the round 1. The interviewer asked about my experience from the previous round and some questions related to my academic career. After the general introduction, the interview began.

What are AVL trees?

What is multithreading? Can you explain with an example?

What are the significant differences between JAVA and C++? List three major points.

Is there any difference between DDL, DML, and DCL?

Then he took a sheet of paper and drew a binary search tree (BST) and asked me to find its time complexity. After this, he asked me to traverse the BST and write its, preorder, post-order, and in order traversal. After this, he asked

  • Is there any difference between Linux and Unix?
  • Design the layout for:
  • Implement “Insert.php”
  • Implement “Valiate.php”
  • And write 20 Unix command, all in 10 minutes
  •  Explain DBMS collections?
  •  What is a kernel?
  •  Write the command through which you can see the version of your kernel.
  •  What is a deadlock?

At last, he asked me to give at least two pros and cons of JAVA over C. After this the interviewer said thank you and asked me to leave and wait outside. Based on my performance in technical round 1 and 2, I was shortlisted for the HR interview.

HR Interview

The HR asked questions related to me, my college, and my academic career. Then she gave me a puzzle to solve which was,

You are in a dark room, and a table is kept there. 100 coins are placed on the table, out of which 60 coins are showing tails, and 40 coins are showing heads. How will you divide this set of 100 coins into two groups (not necessarily same size) such that both groups have the same number of coins showing the tails?

After this puzzle, she gave me a brief introduction to the company, the job profile, and the salary-scale. She asked me about my profile and location preferences. In the end, she smiled at me and said thank you; the results will be sent on my registered email id. I left the cabin and took a sigh of relief. After ten days I received the offer letter along with the joining letter.

Mahindra Comviva Logical Reasonig 2019

Coding Deductive Logic

Blood Relation

Direction Sense

Objective Reasoning

Decision Selection Tables

Analogy and classification pattern

Logical scequence

Data Sufficiency

Logical Reasoning




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