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Interview Experience for Mahindra Comviva

Name: Shrey Shankar
College: KITS College of Technology
Branch: Computer Science
Type of interview: ON-Campus Interview.

Student Interview
Round 1: Coding+ Aptitude+ CS fundamentals

Mahindra Comviva visited my college five months back. They conducted the recruitment drive for the “Web Development Engineer,” for their Chennai branch with a CTC of 5Lpa. Because of the amazing salary package, most of the students applied for the drive. The Mahindra Comviva Practice papers and the previous year papers available on PrepInsta Dashboard were a great support while preparing for the interview.

Round 2: Essay writing
In second round, 10 people were shortlisted and a topic was given to each candidate to write an essay in 200-300 words.

Round 3: (Face to Face)
Technical l
Technical ll
HR Round

The recruiter asked me to write the code for Armstrong number within 4 minutes. After this, he went through my CV, and till then he asked me to write the code for a circular linked list. Then he asked me,

  •  Name the operations performed on, the relational database.
  •  What are Infix, Prefix, and Postfix Notations?
  •  Which data structure uses Breadth First Search of a graph?
  • Why is JAVA not 100% object oriented?

Technical ll

The 1st question was explain the bubble sort with an example. After this, he asked me to write various commands used in Linux. One question was, “Write the command through which you can see the version of your kernel.” After this, he asked,

  •  Explain the use of an NVL function.
  •  What is a nested table?
  •  Explain DML.
  •  Can you edit the Linux kernel?
  •  Differentiate between BASH and DOS.

HR Interview for Mahindra Comviva Placement Pattern

After crossing the above rounds satisfactorily, I was looking forward to having a good talk session in this round. As the roles and responsibilities signify, he was humble and started with the “Greetings of the day”. The round was better from the previous ones, the questions were related to:

  • Family Background
  • Location Preferences
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Internships

As the session of questions and answers got completed, he jumped to the salary discussion. Everyone who appears for this round, must possess two factors: positive and confident outlook.

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Number, decimal fractions and power

Profit & Loss


Permutation and Combinagtion


Simple and Compound interest

Time, Speed & distance






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