TCS Prime Interview Experience

TCS Prime Interview Experience 2024

TCS Prime Interview Experience is provided on this page. 

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What is TCS Prime?

TCS Prime is TCS’ highest package profile. In the latest NQT pattern, it has been integrated along with TCS Ninja and TCS Digital profiles.

TCS Prime Salary:-

  • For UG:- 9,00,000
  • For PG:- 11,50,000

Who is eligible for TCS Prime?

Candidates who score in the top 10 percentile, are shortlisted for the TCS Prime interview. 

TCS Prime On Campus Interview Experience

I recently applied for the TCS On Campus Drive. It was the biggest drive on our campus, and so our placement officers were very adamant that eligible candidates apply for it.

The recruitment process included:-

  • TCS NQT Online Test
  • Interview

TCS Prime Online Test

This round was conducted around 15th January, and I had to go to the TCS iON Exam Centre. Unlike the previous years, this exam was conducted in person. My exam was from morning 9 am, and I had to carry identification documents. There was very strict proctoring, and unlike previous batches we had no chance to take any external help.

TCS NQT Recruitment Process

There were two sections in the exam, and the overall time was 190 minutes. The exam was of high difficulty, and we were told that the marking was going to be difficult.

I used PrepInsta Prime, to prepare for this round. There resources were really helpful for me. During the exam, most of the questions I got were similar to the Prime Mocks.

TCS Prime Technical Interview

My interview was conducted two weeks later. I got the email that I was selected for the TCS Prime interview. There were two different interviews, for me. All of them were conducted in the same day, however these were taken by different panelists.

There were different seminar halls set up for each of the round.

Some of the questions that were asked to me:-

  1. What is deep learning?
  2. What is neural networks?
  3. What is perception?
  4. What is activation function?
  5. What is feedforward and backpropagation?
  6. How weights are calculated in neural networks, write the formula.
  7. What are the different types of activation function?
  8. What is learning rate?
  9. What is SMTP?
  10. Write a program to print the given pattern.

As I had made my final year project with Machine Learning, and I was interested in AI/ML, the interviewer based the entire interview around ML. Hence, I would say that you should focus on your project.

I was not asked to show my project demo, but some of the other candidates had to run a demo.

TCS Prime HR/MR Interview

After the technical interview was over, I was asked to go over to the HR/MR panel. This was a short round, and there were two panelists. This was a cumulative HR and MR interview. The questions included:-

  1. How do you handle stress?
  2. What do you know about TCS?
  3. Are you willing to relocate if needed?
  4. Are you comfortable with work from office or work from home?
  5. What is your most notable achievements?
  6. What are your hobbies?

This was all about my interview rounds. I later on got the offer letter email, and also got informed by the TPO.

TCS Prime Interview Experience for Freshers

I am sharing my interview experience for TCS Prime profile. I recently applied for the TCS drive and got shortlisted for the Prime profile. They were offering 9 LPA for this role, the highest by any service based company.

We had a pre placement talk, where they explained all about the profiles and exam pattern. Prime was the most coveted profile, and they said that only the best performers would be considered for this role.

There were three rounds in my recruitment process.

  1. Online Test
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR Interview
TCS NQT Pattern 2024

TCS Prime Online Test

The first round was the TCS NQT Online Test. This was conducted in the Centre. I had to go to the TCS iON Centre to write the exam. 

They provided us with the system, and worksheets. There was also really tough checking prior to entering the exam hall. The entire exam was proctored. The questions were difficult, especially the advanced section. There were three coding questions, and I was able to solve all three of them. I struggled with one of them heavily.

TCS Prime Interview 

I had my interview in my campus. The hiring team visited the campus, and all the shortlisted candidates were asked to come to college by morning 8 am. The entire day was scheduled for interviews. Everyone got slots, for Prime, the technical round was of one hour. On passing this round, we then had the HR round.

Questions asked to me included:-

  1. What is the difference between Python version 2 and version 3?
  2. What do you know about selenium?
  3. What are the OSI layers?
  4. Give a practical application of TCP UDP.
  5. Which data structure is used in Python to store weight files?
  6. What is the latest Java version that is used?
  7. Can you implement Machine Learning in Java?
  8. Give me some benefits of using Java.
  9. Write a code to find the frequency of elements in a given list.
  10. What do you understand by OOPS?

These were all the questions in the Technical Interview. After, this round I was then asked to wait for the HR round. After an hour my HR round was conducted.

Questions asked in this round:-

  1. What do you think of TCS in the current market scene?
  2. Do you know who the MD of TCS is?
  3. Which technology do you want to work with, should you join TCS?
  4. Suppose, your manager is doing favoritism in the team, how will you react to it?
  5. Who is the current CEO of TCS?
  6. Do you know anything about the recent projects of TCS?
  7. Do you know how many employees are there in TCS?
  8. Are you comfortable with relocation?
  9. Are you comfortable with working from office?
  10. Any questions?

These were all the questions asked in the HR interview round.

TCS Prime FAQs

What is fresher salary in TCS Prime?

For TCS Prime, the starting salary is:-

  1. For UG:- 9 lakhs
  2. For PG:- 11.5 lakhs

Additionally, there is a joining bonus.

Is it difficult getting a selected for TCS Prime?

Yes, TCS Prime is the highest paid profile, hence the selection is tough. In NQT, only the top performers are selected for the Prime interview. You need to be good with coding, and have knowledge of DSA. Additionally, you should be skilled in one of the latest technologies like Data Science, AI/ML, etc.

How do I prepare for TCS Prime?

You can refer to PrepInsta’s TCS NQT Placement Papers, to check prepare for TCS Prime. Additionally, you can check out our Top 100 DSA questions and Top 100 Codes as coding is very important for this round.

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