DXC Interview Experience

DXC Interview Experience

On this page, you will find the latest DXC Interview Experience for the 2023 batch of selected candidates. Go through this page to prepare for your DXC Interview.

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dxc interview experience

About DXC

  • DXC Technology is an American multinational corporation that provides business-to-business information technology services.
  • DXC Technology helps global companies run their mission-critical systems and operations while modernizing IT, optimizing data architectures
  • Official Websites:  dxc.com

DXC Technologies Placement Selection Process

DXC Technology has the following rounds :

  • Written Rounds
    • Quantitative
    • Verbal
    • Logical Reasoning
    • Computer Programming Logic
    • Automata Fix
    • Writex Pro (Essay Writing)
  • Group Discussion Round (Optional)
  • Technical Round
  • HR Round
  • DXC conducts its online exam on the AMCAT platform.

DXC On Campus Interview Experience

Name: Asmita Srivastava

College: Bhartiya Vidyapeeth

Department: EEE

Profile: Associate Professional

DXC visited our campus for hiring. The eligibility criteria for this drive was:-

  • all streams were eligible
  • minimum of 65% in graduation
  • minimum of 60% in 10th and 12th

Interested candidates who fulfilled the criteria were given a brief discussion about the profile and the company in general.

There were in total 2 rounds:-

  1. Written Test
  2. Interview

For the written test I prepared from PrepInsta and PrepInsta Prime. Anyone who is preparing for placements, I would recommend them to follow PrepInsta, as they are really helpful. The team is always ready to help, they always solve the doubts on platforms like discord, whatsapp and telegram as well.

Round 1:-

The first round was a written test. There were multiple choice questions divided in 6 sections.

The questions came from:-

  1. logical reasoning
  2. verbal
  3. quantitative
  4. coding
  5. computer fundamentals
  6. WriteX

The coding questions and computer fundamentals were moderate level questions.

Round 2:- DXC Technical Interview

The second and final round was an interview round. It was around 30 minutes long. While preparing for the DXC Interview Round, I went through everything that I had mentioned in my resume, as I had heard they ask questions based on that.

In the DXC Interview, the interviewer asked me a lot of questions on my major project, minor projects and training projects as well. He also asked me a bit about my internships. He also asked me about my Graduation and how many subjects I had in last semester and which were my favorite ones.

Some of the questions included:-

1.Introduce yourself.

2. Tell about your projects.

This alone was a 20 minute discussion as I had many projects.

3.What is Polymorphism?

Polymorphism is a concept by which we can perform a single action in different ways.

4.What is the difference between Abstract class and Interface?

Abstract ClassInterface
Abstract class can have abstract and non abstract methodInterface only has abstract methods
does not support multiple inheritancesupports multiple inheritance
supports protected and public abstract methodsonly have public abstract method.

5.What are the layers of OSI model?

Layers of OSI Model are:

  1. Application Layer(7th Layer)
  2. Presentation Layer(6th Layer)
  3. Session Layer(5th Layer)
  4. Transport Layer(4th Layer)
  5. Network Layer(3rd Layer)
  6. Data Link Layer(2nd Layer)
  7. Physical Layer(1st Layer)

6.What do you know about DXC?

7.Will you relocate in future if needed?

This was my whole DXC Interview Experience. I hope it helps anyone who is preparing for DXC.

DXC Technology Interview Experience

I applied for DXC exams during my seventh semester. It was an on-campus interview, and we got the link and all the relevant information from the TPO cell. The exams were scheduled a month after the registration. I decided to take the time to start my preparation as DXC was one of the top companies visiting.

I started working on the fundamentals and gave a lot of time preparing for the aptitude round as I had lost my grip on it. I checked online to find the pattern and mock questions when I came across PrepInsta. They had the previous year’s papers and sample questions.

On their page, they provided the exam pattern, which I am sharing below:-

DXC SectionsNo. of questionsTotal TimeDifficulty LevelImportance
Aptitude1616 minutesMediumHigh
Verbal1215 minutesMediumHigh
Logical1414 minutesMediumHigh
Computer Programming MCQs1215 minutesHighHigh
Automata Fix720 minutesHighHigh
WriteX Pro (Essay Writing)120 minutesHighHigh

Round 1:- DXC Online Test

The written test paper had six sections, including:-

  1. Quants
  2. Logical
  3. Programming MCQs
  4. Verbal
  5. Automata
  6. Essay Writing

Throughout the exam, I had to keep the web camera on and the mic on. A proctor was monitoring the whole exam. I tried to answer the questions as best as I could. The results were declared a few days later and I was shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2:- DXC Group Discussion Round

This was the second round. All the shortlisted candidates were divided into groups, each consisting of ten members. We were given call links and a one-panel member was judging us. He gave us the topic and told us to prepare for five minutes and after that, we had to present.
My topic was the ” Impact of Social Media “. Most of the groups got similar topics related to current affairs or social topics.

I was very confident during this round. I presented all my points with confidence and also asked many counter questions. The results were declared the next day and I was shortlisted for the interview.

DXC Interviews:-

There were two interview rounds:-

  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Round 3:- DXC Technical Interview

This round was conducted first. My seniors had told me this would be the toughest round. I was not sure how to prepare. On PrepInsta, I had heard of PrepInsta Prime. There they had interview experience videos of candidates who were selected in DXC. I decided to get a subscription, there were many courses that I got from one subscription. I checked the videos and prepared for the interview.

My interview was conducted over Zoom, and there was one interviewer. The interviewer asked me the following questions:-

DXC Technical Interview Questions:-

Question 1:- Introduce Yourself.

Answer:-  How to introduce yourself in an interview?

Question 2:- What projects have you done so far?

Answer:-  I had done some projects which were also mentioned on my resume. I gave the interviewer a brief idea of all the projects that I have done and the technologies I used in this project.

Question 3:- Why did you opt for these projects?

Answer:-  I told the interviewer about my motive for working on these projects. Most of my projects were on cloud computing as I am very interested in that domain. I told the interviewer the same.

Question 4:- Explain any one of your projects.

Answer:-   I asked the interviewer if I can give him a demo. He agreed. So I shared my screen and gave him a brief demo of my project.

Question 5:- Which programming language are you most comfortable with?

Answer:-  I told him I was most comfortable with C as it was the first programming language I started working with. But I also added that I can work with other languages as well.

Question 5:- Write the code for the palindrome of a number.


// Palindrome program in C

// Palindrome is a number that is same if read forward/backward
// Ex : 12321
int main ()
    int num, reverse = 0, rem, temp;
    printf("The number is :%d\n",num);
    temp = num;
    //loop to find reverse number
    while(temp != 0)
        rem = temp % 10;
        reverse = reverse * 10 + rem;
        temp /= 10;
    // palindrome if num and reverse are equal
    if (num == reverse)
        printf("%d is Palindrome\n", num);
        printf("%d is Not Palindrome\n", num);

// Time Complexity : O(N)
// Space Complexity : O(1)
// Where N is number of digits in num

Question 6:- Write the code for the factorial  of a number.


int main ()
    int num = 5, fact = 1;
    // Can't calculate factorial of a negative number
    if(num < 0)
        for(int i = 1; i <= num; i++)
            fact = fact * i;
    printf("Fact %d: %d",num, fact);
// Time complexity: O(N)
// Space complexity: O(1)

Question 7:- Write the code for the Fibonacci series.



int main()
    int n = 10;
    int a = 0, b = 1;
    // printing the 0th and 1st term
    printf("%d, %d",a,b);
    int nextTerm;
    // printing the rest of the terms here
    for(int i = 2; i < n; i++){
        nextTerm = a + b;
        a = b;
        b = nextTerm;
        printf("%d, ",nextTerm);

    return 0;

Question 8:- How will you declare a function in C?


int add(int a,int b)  //a,b are the parameters which can be provided while calling the function
  int c;
  return c;//returns the integer value of the sum here

Read More:- Functions in C

Question 9:- What is inheritance?


Inheritance is a concept of OOPS which allows a user to extend the definition of a class without making any physical changes to the existing class. Inheritance creates a new class from an existing class. Any new class that is created from an existing class is known as a derived class, and the existing class is called base class.

This round lasted for around an hour. The interviewer told me to wait for the results, which would be declared by the end of the day. The results came and to my delight, I was selected for the next round, which was the HR round.

Round 4:- DXC HR Interview

This was the final interview. It was scheduled the day after the technical interview was conducted. It was a short round and the interviewer was very friendly.

DXC HR Interview Questions

Question 1:- Introduce Yourself.

Answer:- How to introduce yourself in an interview?

Question 2:- Are you comfortable with relocation?

Answer:- How to answer questions on relocation in an interview?

Question 3:- What do you know about our company?

Question 4:- Tell me about your strengths.

Answer:- What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Question 5:- Any questions for me?

Answer:-  Questions to ask the interviewer

This was all from this round. The interviewer asked me to wait for the results, which would be declared within a few days. I got my email three days later stating that I was selected.

DXC Off-Campus Interview Experience

I applied for the DXC recruitment drive and got shortlisted for the System Engineer role. Being from a three-tier college, I was not expecting to get into any big companies. Then I came across PrepInsta. They posted a lot of off-campus drive-updates and I started applying for them.

I applied for the DXC drive and got shortlisted for the assessment round. To prepare for the round I referred PrepInsta’s materials. They had questions and video lectures for DXC exams and I studied from there.

DXC Online Test:-

The online test was around one hour and forty minutes long and was divided into six sections. It was not adaptive and there were no negative markings so I was able to answer freely. Each section had its time duration and you have complete it within the allotted time.

The sections were:-

  • Aptitude:- 16 questions to be solved in 16 minutes
  • Logical:- 14 questions to be solved in 14 minutes
  • English:- 12 questions to be solved in 15 minutes
  • Computer Programming MCQs:- 12 questions to be solved in 15 minutes
  • Essay Writing:- 1 essay to be written in 20 minutes
  • Automata Fix:- 7 questions to be solved in 20 minutes

Overall the questions were not very difficult. As mentioned before I had practiced the previous year’s questions and found many questions were similar. I think the only round I struggled the most with was Writex pro or the essay writing round, as you have to write a well thought out essay with minimal grammatical errors and good vocabulary in only twenty minutes.

I wrote the exam and then I think it was after a month I got the results. I was selected and shortlisted for the interview round.

DXC Interview Round:-

There were two interviews conducted, one technical interview and one HR interview. The first interview was the technical round. I got the mail for it two days before the interview was scheduled.

DXC Technical Interview:-

I got the meet link and joined the call at the mentioned time. There were two-panel members but only one of them asked me questions. They asked me questions about my resume, projects, and some coding questions as well.

DXC Technical Interview Questions

Question 1:- Give your introduction.


I gave a brief introduction highlighting my technical skills and projects that I have done. I also told the interviewer about my internship experience.

Question 2:- What are the different storage classes in C?


There are four types of storage classes:-

  • Auto Storage Class
  • Extern Storage Class
  • Register Storage Class
  • Static Storage Class

Question 3:- Explain the OOPS concept.


  • Inheritance

One class can derive or inherit properties from another class. The class that derives is the derived class and the class from where properties are derived is the base class.

The benefits of inheritance are:-

  1. Reusability of code.
  2. Features can be reused without any modification.
  • Polymorphism

With polymorphism, one task can be performed in multiple ways. There are two types of polymorphism:-

  1. Run-time polymorphism
  2. Compile-time polymorphism
  • Data Abstraction

It hides the real implementation of an application focusing only on the usage of the application. The advantage of this is that irrelevant data is hidden from the programmer and the efficiency of the code increases.

  • Encapsulation

It is the process of wrapping data, variables, and methods into a single entity in a program. 

Question 4:- Tell me about one of the projects that you have worked on.


I had three projects mentioned in my resume. I told the interviewer about my final year project. I gave him a brief about what the model does, how it works, the technologies used and the results obtained. 

Question 5:- What was your role in this project?


I told the interviewer how our team was structured and how the tasks were divided. And what my tasks were.

Question 6:- Write the code to swap two numbers without using the third variable. Answer:-
a=int(input(“Enter value : “))
b=int(input(“Enter value : “))
print(“Before swapping a :”,a)
print(“Before swapping b :”,b)

#logic to swap without using third variable




print(“After swapping a becomes :”,a)

print(“After swapping b becomes :”,b)

Question 7:- Write the code to find the sum of N natural numbers.


number,sum = 6,0
for i in range(number+1):

Question 8:- Write the program to reverse a number.


num = 1234
temp = num
reverse = 0
while num > 0:
    remainder = num % 10
    reverse = (reverse * 10) + remainder
    num = num // 10


This was all for the technical interview. After this, the interviewer told me I will receive an email with the results. After two-three weeks I got the email where I was selected for the last round, the HR interview.

DXC HR Interview:-

It was the final round and was around 20 minutes long. The interviewer asked me a few questions, and also asked for my ID proof. Some of the questions that he asked me were:-

DXC HR Interview Questions

Question 1:- Introduce yourself.

Answer:- I introduced myself by talking about my soft skills and the extra-curricular activities I have participated in.

Question 2:- What were your favorite subjects in college?

Question 3:- Which subjects did you struggle the most with?

Question 4:- Why did you choose DXC?

Question 5:- Any questions for me?

After this interview, I was asked to wait for the results. One month later I got the final results in the mail. And to my pleasure, I was selected for the role.

DXC Interview Preparation

In our Prime DXC Interview Preparation Course, you will get:-

  • DXC Interview Experience of Selected Candidates
  • DXC Technical Interview Questions and Answeres
  • DXC HR Interview Questions
  • and more

To read more Interview Experiences of selected candidates, visit:

To read more Interview Experiences of selected candidates, visit:

FAQs about DXC Interview Experience

What is the selection process for DXC Technologies ?

The selection process of the company consists of four rounds. These rounds are as follows:

  • Written Exam
  • Group Discussion
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Does DXC Technology hires through On-Campus or Off-Campus?

Yes, it is hire through offcampus generally . But sometimes it is also hiring through on campus.

What skill is required in DXC Technology for computer programming?

Skills like NET ,C, JAVA, C++ are required to get eligible in DXC Technologies.