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HCL Logical Ability Questions and Answers

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HCL Logical Curriculum

HCL logical question and answer

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HCL Logical Questions

HCL Interview Experience

Round - 1: Aptitude Round

The first round is aptitude and contains four sections. The sections for the first round are:

Section Name No. of Questions Time(Minutes)
English Ability 15 15
Reasoning Ability 15 15
Quantitative Ability 15 15
Computer Fundamentals 30 30

The total number of questions were 75 and time allocated to solve these questions was 75 minutes. For me the Reasoning Ability section was a bit tough when compared to the other sections. I have practiced many questions from previous papers. The only key to score good marks is practice. Time management is an important factor.

Round 2: Technical Round

This is the second round. I received mail regarding the technical round after 2 days of my first round. All the details regarding the interview were mentioned in the mail. I have joined the meeting 10 min prior to my actual time slot. The interviewer started with his introduction and asked these questions:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Explain your mini project?
  • Explain about the workshop you have mentioned in your resume.
  • What is a stack?
  • Write a program for finding a prime number.
  • What is machine learning?
  • Give a syntax for image tag(HTML)

The interviewer asked the questions related to my skills that were mentioned in the resume. So, kindly mention the skills that you are confident with.

Round 3: HR Round

After 3 days, I received an email regarding the HR round. The interviewer came late and she apologized for coming late. She introduced herself and asked me to introduce myself. And she also asked these questions:

  • How do you manage your stress?
  • Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
  • Can you work night shifts?
  • What are your hobbies and interests?
  • Explain about your time-management skills.

Those are the only questions that were asked by the interviewer. I answered all of them and the interviewer told me to wait for the offer letter. She also advised me to check the mail frequently. After 2 weeks, I received the offer letter. I hope you find my experience useful.

HCL Logical Question and Answer Analytics

Stats About HCL Logical Exam 2022

Number of Question 15 Question
Difficulty high
Cut Off high

Topic- Wise Analytics

Directional Sense Question 2-3
Difficulty high
Importance high
Logical Reasoning Question 1-2
Difficulty medium
Importance medium
Coding and Decoding Question 2-3
Difficulty medium
Importance high
Data Sufficiency Question 3-4
Difficulty high
Importance medium
Pattern Analogy Question 2-3
Difficulty medium
Importance high
Number Series Question 1-2
Difficulty medium
Importance medium
Logical Statement Assumptions Question 3-4
Difficulty high
Importance medium

HCL Logical Ability Question and Answer 2022