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eLitmus Cryptarithmetic Previous Problems

Cryptarithmetic Problems for eLitmus

Cryptoarithmeic Problem is highly important topic in Elitmus Paper. Cryptarithmetic is typical but interesting topic. At first you may find it difficult but once you get to practice it you will find it interesting. It is time taking Problem and you have to be patient while solving the question you may find it compelling. Below You will get many Questions of Cryptaarithmetic to practice more questions and score good in the elitmus exam.

Types of Cryptarithemtic Problems:-

  • Alphametic
  • Digimetic
  • Skeletal Division
Cryptarithmetic Problems for eLitmus

eLitmus Cryptarithmetic problems detail Analysis

Total Number of Question1×3(1 Ques divided into 3 sub-ques)
1×3(1 Ques divided into 3 sub-ques)10 Mins
Percentile Increase if All Question Correct30-40%
Difficulty LevelHigh

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Cryptarithmetic Problem Solved Examples

These are highly important as most students(90%) are not able to answer questions based on Cryptarithmetic. Thus solving 3 questions gives you an edge of at least 30-40+ increase in percentile since in eLitmus 90%+ percentile is achievable by solving only 6-7 questions in Reasoning section for cryptarithmetic problem solved examples.

The Cryparithmetic methods discussed below are developed by PrepInsta only and available on PrepInsta owned websites only. Anyone copying the method will be legally sued as these are not open source but are PrepInsta’s Proprietary methods 

It is highly suggested to go through these before solving Cryptarithmetic problem solved examples

  1. Cryptarithmetic Introduction
  2. How to Solve Cryptarithmetic Problems
  3. How to solve by Unit Digit Method
  4. eLitmus Cryptarithmetic Division Problems
  5. eLitmus Cryptarithmeitc Addition Problems
  6. eLitmus Cryptarithmetic Multiplication Problems

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