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Cognizant Quantitative Dashboard

Coginzant Quantitative Placement Dashboard

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Detailed Analysis

Cognizant Detailed Syllabus and Written Paper Pattern

You can find the detailed Analysis for Syllabus for Cognizant here on this page.

Topic No. Of Questions Difficulty Importance Corr. by 90%ile Sug. Time/Quest
Basic Mathematics
– Divisibility
– Numbers, decimal fractions and power
Total – 5 Question
2 Ques
2 Ques
1 Ques
2 mins Medium Medium Medium
Applied Mathematics
-Profit and Loss
– Simple and Compound Interest
– Time, Speed and Distance
– Inverse
Total – 6 Question
2 Ques
2 Ques
1 Ques
1 Ques
2 mins Medium Medium Medium
Engineering Mathematics
– Permutation and –
– Combinations
– Probability
– Misc
0 - 3 2 mins Medium Medium Medium

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