Where She Lives Puzzle

Solve the Puzzle: Where She Lives

In the puzzle Where She Lives Puzzle, it was at a cocktail party in New York that I met Stephanie. We exchanged our phone numbers and decided to meet each other soon. 

When she rang up and invited me to her house this is how she gave the number of her house – ‘I live on a long street. Numbered on the side of my house are houses one, two, three, and so on. All the numbers on one side of my house add up the same as all the numbers on the other side of my house. I know there are more than fifty houses on that side of the street, but not so many as five hundred’.

Can you find Stephanie’s house number?

Where She Lives Puzzle


Here is the solution for the Where She Lives Puzzle – 

  • The numbers of the houses on each side will add up alike if the number of the house is 1 and there are no other houses.
  • If the number be 6 with 8 houses in all, if 35 with 49 houses, if 204 with 288 houses if 1189 with 1681 houses and so on.
  •  But we know that there are more than 50 and less than 500 houses, and so we are limited to a single case.
  •  The number of the house must be 204.
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