Birbal- A Fruits Trader Puzzle

Birbal - A Fruits Trader

Birbal – A Fruits Trader


In Birbal – A Fruits Trader Puzzle, Birbal is a witty trader who trades mystical fruit grown far in the north. He travels from one place to another with three sacks which can hold 30 fruits each. None of the sacks can hold more than 30 fruits. On his way, he has to pass through thirty checkpoints and at each checkpoint, he has to give one fruit for each sack to the authorities. How many mystical fruits remain after he goes through all the thirty checkpoints?


Here we have solution for Birbal – A Fruits Trader Puzzle – 

Remember we told you that Birbal is a witty trader. So his sole motive is to get rid of the sacks as fast as he can.

  • He must be able to fill fruits from one sack to the other two sacks. Assume that he is able to do that after M checkpoints. Now to find M,

         (Space in first sack) M + (Space in second sack) M = (Remaining fruits in Third Sack) 30 – M, here M = 10.

Birbal is a witty trader who trades mystical fruit grown far in the north.
  • Thus after 10 checkpoints, Birbal will be left with only 2 sacks containing 30 fruits each. Now he must get rid of the second sack.
  • For that, he must fill the fruits from the second sack to the first sack. Assume that he manages to do that after N checkpoints.

          (Space in First Sack) N = (Remaining fruits in second sack) 30 – N, here N = 15.


Step-Wise detailed solution for Birbal Brain Puzzle
  • Thus after he has crossed 25 checkpoints, he will be left with one sack with 30 fruits in it. He has to pass five more checkpoints where he will have to give five fruits and he will be left with 25 fruits once he has crossed all 30 checkpoints.
Detailed step-Wise solution for Birbal-A fruit traders puzzle