Tcs email Writing Questions 18

1. Use all the phrases given 
2. Minimum words should be 50 otherwise your email cannot be validated
3. Addressing and signing should be done as in the question given. 
4. Common grammatical rules, punctuation should be according to standard english.
5. you can use your own phrases along with the phrases given. 

Email writing example 16:
Write an e-mail to client to invite him to the party using the following phrases, with a minimum of 50 words and a maximum of 100 words. , sign the email as John.
pleasure – mobile alert project – Tuesday – eight pm – Hilton downtown- dinner – meal constraint – successful project –
celebrate – hard work – if any – looking forward
TCS Verbal Ability Test  :  Answer 16

Dear sir,

We are pleasure to invite you on grand success of our mobile alert project. It is planned at eight pm on Tuesday, at Hilton downtown. We celebrate our hard work. It will be our pleasure having you after our successful project. The dinner is planned at nine pm. Please let us know your meal constraint, if any.
Looking forward for a great relationship ahead.
Thanks and regards,
Email writing example 17:
Using the following phrases write an e-mail on Policy Letter on Vehicle Expense Reimbursement.
essential that – personnel drives company and personal vehicles in connection – company – maintain – record – expenses incurred – reimbursed – expenditures that – your good – record keeping – possible. Receipts – submit – purchases – expenses and repairs – require record -the amount of time spent driving – your cooperation
TCS Verbal Ability Test  :  Answer 17
It is essential that any of our personnel who drive company and personal vehicles in connection with company business maintain a thorough record of any expenses incurred. It is our desire to be certain that you are reimbursed for any expenditures that you make in this regard, and your good record keeping will make this possible. Receipts must be submitted for gasoline purchases, parking expenses and repairs. In addition, we will require your daily record of the number of miles driven, the odometer reading, before and after, and the amount of time spent

driving. This information should be contained in your weekly report to (name).

Thank you very much for your cooperation in this matter.
Email writing example : 18

As a resident, write an email to the Municipal commissioner of your city, Mr.Ashok, reporting nuissance of a building under construction beside your place.  Sign the email as Kumar.

building – construction – long time – three years – water usage – mosquitoes – unhygienic – construction workers – bad behaviour – attention -request – action – immediately

TCS Verbal Ability Test : Answer 18

Dear Mr.Ashok

I am a resident of Indira Nagar.  I would like to bring to your kind notice that M/S abc constructions limited has started a building construction in our locality. For the last three years the work has been progressing very slow and lot of water is being used indiscriminately by the company.  Due to unhygienic conditions created by the construction, mosquitos, pigs are growing fast in this locality.  In addition to this, most of the ladies and young women are reporting the construction workers bad behaviour.  I request you to pay attention to this problem and take action immediately.
Thanks and Regards
Email writing example : 19

You are the project leader for a team of 20 members.  As the team members are not submitting the weekly time sheets regularly, you need to email them stressing the need to submit without fail.  Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words to your team members informing the same.

can be accessed online-lead to loss of pay-every week-do not default-used to bill client-actual working hours-by friday-failure to adhere-time sheet filling application.

TCS Verbal Ability Test : Answer 19
Dear All
It has been observed that many of you are not filling the timesheets on regular basis.  Let me tell you, filling up time sheets is the only way, to measure your hardwork, as long as you are working on this project. So please do not default on this.  More over, This is important for us to report it to our client, the actual amount of work done by each one of you in terms of number of hours per day, at the end of every week.
Only on the basis of this, we can bill you all to the client, which is directly linked to you monthly salary.  In our words, it leads to loss of pay for any particular day, for which time sheet is not filled.
Please adhere to the company guidelines & fill the same on daily basis or atleast weekly basis.
Time sheet filling application is easily accessible in our intranet portal, which needs your login credentials.

Please do the needful on regular basis.

Project Lead
Email writing example : 20

As an intern at ABC consulting Pvt.Ltd, write an email to your internship Project Manager, Mr.Ramesh, informing about the progress that you are making and some difficulties that your are encountering.  Sign the email as Ben.

Thank – challenging – progress – tight schedule – support – report – analytics – guidance – access – doubt – requirements – design.
TCS Verbal Ability Test : Answer 20

Dear Mr.Ramesh

Thank you for allotting a challenging project for my internship. I am making steady progress and learning many new things.  The project is due next month and we are on tight schedule.  I need some additional support with regard to the reporting of Analytics.  Your guidance helped me access the database with ease but I have several doubts regard to the requirements of the design.  But I am facing little problem in reporting.
Thanks and regards

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