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TCS email Writing Question 13

You are the project manager and you took Billy to …

You are the project manager and you took Billy to your project for delivering a service. Using the following phrases write an E-mail thanking Billy for completing your project work.

Accepting join – project months’ time – location constraints – flexibility – hard work –technical expertise invaluable – high complexity task – co-operating – deliver service –critical moment – deadlines – saviour – look forward – to working with you – all the best


Dear Billy,

I thank you for accepting my request to join our project for a month despite location constraints. I appreciate your flexibility and hard work. Your technical expertise proved invaluable to us when we had a high complexity task to be delivered. Thank you for co-operating with the team to deliver this service at the critical moment when we were chasing deadlines. You were a saviour and I look forward to working with you in near future. All the best!

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