Cognizant GenC Next SQL Questions

GenC Next SQL Questions 2024

Cognizant GenC Next Sql Section is one of the most important section for GenC next 2024 hiring. From this section you will be getting multiple choice questions in section 1 of hiring test. This section will test your conceptual and code analysis. The GenC Next Sql Section plays an important role, as it is considered both in mcq section and in coding section as well.

Cognizant GenC Next SQL Questions 2022
Cognizant GenC Next SQL Questions 2021-22

20 - 25 Question

Total Question

Time limit for Cognizant GenC Next SQL

40 minutes

Total Time

Marking scheme for Cognizant GenC Next SQL

1 Mark/Question

Marking Scheme

Negative marking for Cognizant GenC Next SQL


Negative Marking

Preparation Material for GenC Next SQL Section 2024

Below are all the topics mentioned from which you can expect MCQ Questions in Section 1 of the hiring test

  • Basic Query Language
  • Simple to Medium Data Query
    • Fetch
    • Joins
    • PL/SQL
  • Function
  • Stored Procedure
  • View
  • Trigger
  • Data Control Language
  • Transaction Control Language

GenC Next SQL Section Details

SQL SectionGenC Next
Number of Questions20 – 25 Questions
Time Limit40 Mins
Negative MarkingNo

FAQs about Cognizant GenC Next

What is the sectional cut off for this Section?

There is no sectional cut-off, however it is mandatory that you get at least 18-20 questions right from the pack of 20-25 questions in the MCQ section to get a higher overall score

What is the difficulty level of Cognizant Genc next exam?

The GenC Next hiring exam is commparatively of higher difficulty level than the normal GenC exam. This hiring process is mainly focused for hiring coding proficient students, hence the package offered of GenC next is also higher than GenC.

What is the package offered for Cognizant Genc next exam?

The package offered for GenC Next candidates is 6.75 LPA