Can AMCAT Exam Help Me In Getting the Interviews?

Is AMCAT 2020-21 Exam Beneficial For Getting To The Interviews?

AMCAT Exam can be your perfect way to get your dream job. AMCAT brings recruiters and the job seekers under the same roof and gets you numerous interview calls to help you choose the best option available for you.

Company NamePackage
Affairal24 LPA
Robert Bosch5.0 LPA
Mindtree3.5 LPA
NTT Data3.5 LPA
Mahindra3.0 LPA

Is AMCAT Beneficial For Getting To The Interview?

How does the AMCAT 2020-21 exam help you get To The interviews?

AMCAT has partnered with 500+ companies and depending upon your score you get the opportunity from various companies.

AMCAT Exam is a adaptive test so when you give the AMCAT Test, companies call you for the interview on the basis of the marks you have obtained in the AMCAT 2020-21 Test.

Importance Of AMCAT Exam

Importance of AMCAT 2020-21 Exam

  1. Helps you get interview calls from various companies
  2. Helps you to get detailed feedback of your performance in the AMCAT Exam.
  3. Helps you in building your powerful resume
  4. Helps you by providing you with the most relevant jobs available for your score
  5. AMCAT provides you with the certificates which you can put on your LinkedIn profile.
What If You Don't Get The Interview Call?

What If You Don't Get the Interview Call?

The best thing you should do is to work hard and score good marks for all the modules because sometimes you get the good marks if calculated overall but if you get less marks in one or two module in which some big companies see it super important than it creates the problem.


Additional Information (FAQ's)

What is AMCAT Test 2020-21?

AMCAT or Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test
evaluates candidates on the basis of their core skills which includes
reasoning skills, quantitative aptitude, English and technical skills.

Huge amount of Companies use AMCAT platform for their Recruitment Drive and helps companies to easily find the candidates without going through the hectic process of recruitment. 

  • Application Fee for the CoCubes Test: Rs. 1110 + GST
  • The validity of the Test Score: 1 Year
  • You can give the AMCAT Test only 3 times in a year.
  • You can give the second attempt for the AMCAT Test post the 45 Days of the first attempt.

Is it worth to give AMCAT 2020-21 Test?

Yes, It is worth to give AMCAT Test because

  • Many top companies hire via AMCAT score
  • AMCAT also helps you to give the opportunities not only in IT but also in Non – IT companies.
  • There are 1000s of companies which hire freshers and AMCAT score is recognized by them nationally.
  • When your AMCAT score matches the criteria for a company partnered with AMCAT, you will get a job interview.

About AMCAT 2020-21 Exam Pattern…….

Amcat is divided in further sections

  • English
  • Quantitative Ability Tech
  • Logical Ability
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Information Gathering & Synthesis
  • Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory (AMPI)

and some company do ask the Branch specific question.


The Test is Designed in such a manner that you will be able  to Complete it in 3 hours. The difficulty of the questions are very moderate to high.

How to Apply for AMCAT 2020-21 ?

Here are the steps which one can follow while applying for the AMCAT.

Through College-

  • Ask your Training & Placement Officer(TPO) to send the details to AMCAT and once they receive your data they will generate login password and send it to you via email and SMS.

How to Register for AMCAT Test Individually?

  •  Register yourself on AMCAT offcial website.
  • Schedule your AMCAT Test 2020.
  • Payment


How Does AMCAT 2020-21 Score Get Me To The Interviews?

The Candidates need to score marks minimum up to 1500 to get more job opportunities and to get placed in good company with good package.

With the help of AMCAT Score the companies call you for the interview on the basis of the marks you have obtained in the AMCAT 2020-21 Test.