Puzzle on How long Jack Walked?

How long Jack walked?

How long Jack walked?

Jack takes the train home from his college. This puzzle is on how long Jack walked? He reaches the train station at 7 P.M. where his mother then, picks him up and drives him home. One day Jack had an off period, so he left college early. He took a different train and reached the station one hour earlier than usual. Since he did not want to wait an hour, Jack started walking. After walking for some time, he met his mother while she was coming to pick him up. She picked him up and then they drove home. That day they arrived 20 minutes earlier than the usual time. If Jack’s mother always drives at a constant speed every day, how long was he walking for?


  • To solve this question, the most important point we need to remember is that the mother is driving at a constant speed. And at the uniform speed, we can assume the time for each trip(up and down) is the same.
  • Jack and his mother arrived 20 minutes early, which means they must have saved 10 minutes per trip.
  • Or we can say if she had driven for 10 more minutes, she would have reached the station.
  • Now we know Jack arrived at the station an hour early, which is at 6 pm.
  • If 10 minutes is the time left for his mother to reach the station, and she is supposed to arrive at the station at 7 pm sharp, we can say that they met up at 6:50 pm,
  • Therefore Jack was walking for 50 minutes before meeting his mother.

Note:-Traffic is not considered here.

How long he walked?
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