TCS Email Writing FIR Question

1. Use all the phrases given
2. Minimum words should be 50 otherwise your email cannot be validated
3. Addressing and signing should be done as in the question given.
4. Common grammatical rules, punctuation should be according to standard English.
5. you can use your own phrases along with the phrases given.

Write an E-mail to file a F.I.R. in nearest police station of your area stating that you have lost your credit cards and valuables due to pick pocketing.

Pick pocketing-valuable-credit card-stolen-F.I.R.- police-wallet-block

This question was asked in TCS off Campus Drive on 31st Jan.

Police Station Address

Applicant's Details:
Full Name -
Fathers Name -
Permanent Address -
Phone Number -
Email -

An Incident of pick pocketing happened today with me in Khan Market Area, the following
valuables were stolen from me - my credit card, 5000 rupees, voter ID and pan card were 
stolen. For the same I am filing an F.I.R in the police station. If you may find any leads
to my wallet kindly contact me on the given information above I will come to the block to
collect it.

Yours Sincerly,
Name XXX


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