TCS email Writing Question 4

As a Recent Buyer of a Car Write an email to the Manager …

1. Use all the phrases given
2. Minimum words should be 50 otherwise your email cannot be validated
3. Addressing and signing should be done as in the question given.
4. Common grammatical rules, punctuation should be according to standard English.
5. you can use your own phrases along with the phrases given.


As a recent buyer of their car, write an email to the Manager of Smart Automotive company, Mr.Ahmed, regarding the poor quality of service facility available in the city. Sign the email as Chopra.
very few – service centers – complaints – pending problems – maintenance – cost – time – delivery – increase – customer satisfaction

Dear Mr Ahmed
I recently bought Fiat Palio from “Sridhar Fiat showroom” in Nagole. Recently I faced a small problem with car AC and bought the car for maintenance. But to my utter surprise, the showroom staff told me that service is not available in their showroom and they asked me to take the car to a nearby service centre. I found that there are very few service centres available compared to sales showrooms, and there are many complaints regarding this. This, in turn, is causing many pending problems and increased maintenance cost, time and delivery time. I would like to suggest you that if more service centres are opened in the city, customer satisfaction also goes up which finally converts into more sales.
Thanks and Regards

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