Reliance Jio Interview Experience-3

Student Interview experience

Student’s Name: Dikshita

College: Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bangalore

Subject: Electronics and Communication Engineering

Type of Interview: On-Campus interview

Student interview

Reliance Jio organized a placement drive in our College after the last semester in 2022. I was keen to work with Reliance Jio as it is a renowned telecommunication industry.  I was passionate about electronics and communication engineering, and I really didn’t want to miss this opportunity. My seniors used to study from the PrepInsta website for many interviews. So even I started my preparations from PrepInsta for the Reliance Jio interview.

The eligibility criteria were 6.0 in CGPA, 60% marks overall, and no drops in any exam.

Round 1- L0 Interview

I was asked two programming questions on array and string and the time limit allotted was 45mins.

Round 2- Online Written Test

To finish the written exam, we were given 105 minutes and were informed that there would be no negative marking on this paper.

Reliance JioTotal QuestionTotal Total Time
Logical Reasoning12-15 (Shared with numerical)75mins (Shared)
Numerical Ability12-15 (Shared with Logical)75 mins (Shared)
Basic Programming3-675 mins (Shared)
Coding Questions275mins (Shared)
Total2075 mins

The online exam was of moderate level. I cleared this exam and was sent to the next room for the second round.

Round 3- Group Discussion 

For this round, we got a topic, “Impact of Internet of Things on business activities” The main concern of this round was to see the confidence and the substantial grounds on which you can justify the topic. I made only one point, but it was entirely accurate which led me to the technical round.

Round 4- Final Interview

Technical Round

The interviewer also asked me to solve a coding question. I was asked around three technical questions:

  • What is a final variable?
  • Write a JAVA program to check whether a number of automorphic numbers or not.

  • Write a program to find the equilibrium index of an array.

I answered all the questions as I prepared sample questions from the PrepInsta website.

HR round 

The interviewers first asked me some questions like:

  • Are you comfortable to relocate?

Yes Sir, I am ready to relocate.

  • Can you work under pressure?

I am able to work under pressure, and the fact that I do all of my tasks on time means that I never feel overworked.

  • Do you have any medical issues?

No sir, I don’t have any medical issues.

I was asked to wait for a few minutes as the other interviews were still going on. In the end, they called me to discuss the salary package as I was selected for the job.

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