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Delete items from Sorted list

Deleting items from a Sorted list:

We can delete items from sorted listed in Python using the following methods

  • Pop-  delete items based on index of elements
  • Remove- removes the particular item 
  • Del- deletes group of elements
  • Clear- clears an entire list 

We can use any of these according to the application. Let’s see how each function works for a sorted list and lastly, we will see a  method to delete an item manually.

Delete item from sorted list in Python


  • Pop deletes based on index of the items. If index not given then it take last index of list in default . We can store the deleted item into another variable.


#delete item in a sorted list
#python Program

#python Program


#sorting the array


print(‘Popped element:’,ar.pop())

print(‘After popping element list-‘ , ar)

Output : 

Popped element: 5
After popping element list- [1, 2, 4]
  • Pop operation Takes O(1) time, to delete the element from the list but it deletes the last element from the list.

Remove :

  • Remove deletes the item that is passed as argument for remove function. It removes first occurrence of that item.

Code #2

#delete item in a sorted list
#python Program
print(‘After Removing a element from list-‘ , ar)

Output :

After Removing a element from list- [1, 2, 5]
  • Remove Takes O(n) time to delete a item from the list.

Clear :

  • Clear is used to delete entire list at same time. 

Del :

  • Del() function deletes group of elements of list at once by using slicing. del(x[:]) this will delete entire list  

We can delete a item from list manually .

Code #3:

#delete item in a sorted list
#python Program




print(“List after deleting group of elements: “,x)
#deleting manually 56 


for i in range(len(x)):







print(‘After deleting a element :’,x) 
#deleting the whole list 


print(‘After clear function:’,x)

Output :

List after deleting group of elements: [1, 3, 3, 22, 56]
After deleting a element : [1, 3, 3, 56]
After clear function: []
  • These are the various method to delete items from sorted list in python.