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Oracle Verbal question and Answer

Interview Experience for Oracle

Name: Anuradha

College: IIT Chennai

Branch: Computer Science

Type of interview: On-Campus Interview

Student Interview

The Training and Placement Officer (TPO) informed all the final year students that Oracle would be conducting a recruitment drive at our campus in the next month. All the interested students must register themselves to eLitmus as the first round of the recruitment will be an eLitmus written test. So, I registered for the eLitmus test and started my preparation. Some of my friends suggested that I must visit the PrepInsta website as it has a good study material. And they were right, PrepInsta really helped me with my preparation.

The interview process had four rounds:

  1. eLitmus written test
  2. Coding Round
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR Interview

Round 1- eLitmus written test

This round had a pen and paper-based examination which contained the following sections:

  1. Quantitative Aptitude: This sections had 20 questions based on the number system, geometry, permutation and combination, ratio and proportion, time and distance, and algebra.
  2. Analytical: There were 20 questions on coding-decoding, data interpretation, data sufficiency, and logical reasoning.
  3. Verbal Ability: It had 20 questions comprising reading comprehensions, Para jumbles, grammatical errors, and sentence completion.

I performed well in the written test, so, based my test score I was shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2- Coding Round

In this round, we were given some coding questions and puzzles which we had to solve manually using pen and paper. The questions asked in this round were:

  1. Divide an array into four subarrays such that sum = sum1 – sum2 + sum3 – sum4 is maximum. (sum1 denotes the sum of elements of subarray)
  2. Print the elements of an array in the decreasing frequency if two numbers have the same frequency then print the one which came first.
  3. Given that integers are read from a data stream. Find the median of elements read so far in an efficient way.
  4. Suppose there are N balls. Out of which only one ball is lighter in Weight. You are given a simple balance. Then how many minimum no. of attempts do you take to find out that lighter ball. And how many maximum numbers of attempts do you seek to find out the lighter ball? He also added that to find a maximum number of attempts there is a certain condition and he asked me to find that.

Round 3- Technical Interview

Post-coding round, the technical interview was conducted. The interviewer went through my resume and asked me about my major project. Then he gave me a design question: “You have to design a lift system with three lifts which can either be moving (up or down) or stationary. Whenever anyone presses the lift button, then that lift should be chosen to move which reaches the floor in minimum time.” He also asked some database questions such as what is cardinality, what file types compose the physical structure of the Oracle database, define synonyms and its forms. The interview continued for approximately 1.5 hours. At first I was very nervous, but the interviewer was very friendly, so eventually, I became comfortable and was able to answer most of the questions.

Round 4- HR Interview

The interviewer was a pretty-looking lady. I greeted her, and she politely responded back. She asked me to take a seat and then asked me to introduce myself. She inquired about my hobbies and interests. Then she asked me if I like puzzles, to which I said yes. So she gave me the Burning Rope puzzle to solve. Then she gave me some case-study and asked me questions about it. Overall, the HR round was a bit difficult. Still, I managed to answer all the questions confidently.

I performed my best in all the rounds and was hoping for the best results. And finally, when the results were declared, I was selected. That was the happiest day for me.


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