LTI Technical CMCQ Question and Answers

LTI Technical CMCQ Question with Solutions for 2023

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95 min

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LTI Technical CMCQ Question and Answer 2023

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Preparation Section

Interview Experience

Student Interview Experience

Hello everyone, I was recently selected for the LTI software engineer post, as one among the 20 students of my college .  Here I am sharing my interview story with the LTI recruitment process. so that people appearing for internships or full time employment at LTI can get an insight into the process.

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited is an Indian global Information technology solutions and services company based in Mumbai, India.

The recruitment process was divided into two days:-

Day 1:- Cognitive Assessment

Day 2:-  There were 2 levels,

Level 1:- Spoken English and Coding

Level 2:- Coding Question

Depending on the rounds we cleared the package varied. I cleared Day 1 and Level 1 of Day 2 so I got placed at 5 LPA.

Day 1 :

  • There were totally 78 questions
  • It was segregated into verbal, logical, quants, cmcq, etc.

I did well in this round . I attempted 85 percent of the questions and I think most of them were right. It was an elimination round. I was nervous before the test but while solving the question i got confidence as I was doing good.

After clearing this round students were eligible for Day 2 .

Day 2:

The majority of candidates were eliminated from the previous round, and only a few reached this round.

There were two levels in this round.

Level 1:-

There was a spoken english round where our communication skills were tested using AI,

Coding round

There was only one question . It was a little difficult for me. But I tried, and was able to conquer this challenge .Time limit for this round was 45 minutes to code one question. I chose C++ as it is good at this language.

Result announced, Luckily I was in few of those who cleared this round

Level 2:

It was the last level .About 20% of the students were only eligible for this round. There was  1 question which we had to code. I tried my best . but i was not able to run all the test cases. Unfortunately i was not able to clear this round.

Technical Interview:

Lastly I was called in for the interview round. This was round was pretty short for me. The interviewer mostly asked questions from my project. Since I had my project on my system, I screenshared and gave them a demo of my project and its output. Then he asked me to write some code and asked some technical questions.

  1. Write a code for palindrome
  2. Write a code for Fibonacci series
  3. What is inheritance?
  4. What is constructor?
  5. Some DBMS queries.

HR Interview:

The HR interview was conducted shortly after. It was a brief round and the interviewer mostly asked me questions about my family, academics and my knowledge of the company.

LTI Technical MCQ Question and Answer Analytics

Stats About LTI Technical MCQ Exam 2023

Number of Questions 42 Questions
Time 95 Minutes
Difficulty High

Topic Wise Analytics

OOPs and Programming Basics Question 7-8
Difficulty Medium
Importance High
Pseudo Code Question 20
Difficulty high
Importance High
Basics of SQL & PLSQL Question 5-8
Difficulty Medium
Importance medium
Operating Systems Question 7-8
Difficulty High
Importance High
Web Concepts & SDLC Question 4-6
Difficulty High
Importance Medium

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