L&T Infotech Placement Papers and Previous Papers 2021-22

LTI Placement Papers

L&T Placement Papers 2021-22

L&T Infotech or Larsen & Toubro Infotech (L&T) is an entirely owned consulting subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Group, a large global technology, engineering and construction, headquartered Mumbai, India. Here on our PrepInsta’s L&T Preparation Dashboard you can find all the important information that you need to know to prepare for L&T Placement Papers and with our L&T Previous Year Papers you can practice the most common L&T Questions and Answers provided with proper solutions and explanations.

L&T Infotech has announced its hiring drive for 2022 graduates. The pattern for L&T 2022 Placement papers has been changed completely. Now they don’t ask aptitude, logical and verbal anymore. The only two sections that are being asked in the recruitment drive for L&T 2022 graduates are

  1. Technical MCQ
  2. Coding Questions

There are 3 selection rounds, the details for these rounds is as follows-:

  1. Round 1 – This round comprises of both technical MCQ questions and coding questions, there will be 40 mcq questions and 1 coding questions, clearing this round will allow you to sit in the second round.
  2. Round 2 – This round has only 1 coding question and you will be given 40 mins to solve that particular coding questions in the coding language of your choice
  3. Round 3 – To appear for this round, it is very important to clear round 2. This round also has only 1 coding question, with a time limit of 45 mins.

L&T Infotech Placement Paper 2022 Detailed Analysis:

LevelsNo. of questionsTotal Time
Level 1
  • Technical MCQ- 40 Ques
  • Coding- 1 Ques
  • Technical MCQ- 40 mins
  • Coding- 30 mins
Level 2Coding- 1 Ques45 mins
Level 3Coding- 1 Ques45 mins

L&T 2022 Hiring Process

LTI Placement Papers 2021-22

L&T has changed its hiring pattern for 2022 graduates. This hiring offers you 3 different packages depending upon your capabilities. The 3 packages are as follows-:

  1. Round 1 – If a students successfully clears round 1, and fails to clear round 2, he gets  a chance to sit in the technical and personal interview rounds, and clearing those he’ll get a offer of 5LPA
  2. Round 2 – If a students successfully clears round 2, but fails to clear round 3, he gets  a chance to sit in the technical and personal interview rounds, and clearing those he’ll get a offer of 6.5LPA.
  3. Round 3 – If a students successfully clears round 3 also, he gets qualified for Technical Interview and Personal Interview, and clearing those rounds he gets a offer for 8LPA

L&T Infotech Curriculum for 2022 hiring

In 2022 hiring for L&T, there are only two sections that are being asked, those are-:

  1. Technical MCQ
  2. Coding

Below we have mentioned all the important topics through which you expect questions in the placement papers-:

L&T Technical CMCQ Questions and Answers 2021

There will be total 40 Questions in 40 minutes and difficulty level is high in compared to other section.

The following topics are asked –

  • OOPs and Programming Basics
  • Pseudo Code
  • Basics of SQL & PLSQL
  • Operating Systems
  • Web Concepts & SDLC

L&T Coding Questions and Answers 2021

You will get 1 coding question in each round of L&T. In the first round you will get 30 mins to solve the question and after that you get 45 mins in each round to solve the coding questions. Below we have mentioned the important topics which you should practice for clearing the coding round-:

  •  Round 1
    • 1 Coding Question – 30 mins
    • Asked topics
      • Data Strucutres
      • Searching
      • Sorting
      • Operations on Numbers and Strings
  • Round 2
    • 1 Coding Question – 45 mins
    • Asked Topics
      • Trees
      • Graphs
      • Greedy Programming
  • Round 3
    • 1 Coding Question – 45 mins
    • Asked Topics
      • Tries
      • Dynamic Programming


How many questions will be there in Round 1 ?

In Round 1 of L&T Recruitment Drive there will be

  1.  Technical MCQ – 40 questions
  2. Coding – 1 Question

Are these rounds, elimination round ?

No, these 3 rounds are not elimination rounds, but failing to clear the next round will give you a chance to sit in the interview round, and if you fail to clear the interview round also, then you are eliminated.

Is there any sectional cut-off in any round ?

No, there is no sectional cutoff.