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IBM English Questions and Answers 2024

The latest IBM English Verbal Language Test is the last round of IBM Test. In this round it helps them to understand your proficiency in English. There will be multiple choice Questions given in this Test. The Time limit of solving the questions is 10 minutes. You have to practice more and more questions to score good marks. It is an elimination round where students who didn’t performed good will not get selected for next round.

IBM Verbal Questions and Answers

IBM English Language Question and Answer 2024

Below you will find similar pattern of previous year questions to practice more questions.

IBM English Language TestImportant Information
Total no. of question10 (MCQ Type)
Allotted Time10 mins
Round Property2nd Round, Mandatory
No of Sections
  • 1 section 4 question
  • 2 section 4 Question
  • 3 Section 2 question
Negative MarkingNA


IBM English Language TestNo. of QuestionsDifficultyImportant
Active/ Passive Voice0-1ModerateHigh
Fill in the blanks0-1ModerateMedium
Spotting Error0-1ModerateMedium
Prepositions and Conjunctions0-1ModerateMedium
Tenses and Articles0-1ModerateHigh

Preparation Section

IBM English Questions and Answers

  • Number of Questions: 10 Questions
  • Difficulty Level: High
  • Importance: High
  • Suggested time to solve one question: 1-2 min

You can practiced the sample questions for all topics from the quizzes below:

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Active / Passive Voice
Fill In The Blanks
Spotting Error
ibm english syllabus
ibm verbal syllabus
Prepositions and Conjunctions
ibm english questions and answers
Tenses and Articles

IBM English Question with Solution 2024

Question 1:- Can You hear what he is_____?

  • Saying
  • Speaking
  • Telling
  • Talking
  • ?

Solution:- A

Question 2:- I really woudn’t joke about it because these people are deadly serious and _________ buisness.

  • Signify
  • Mean
  • require
  • need
  • ?

Solution:- B

Questions 3 :- Choose the right spelling of the word or choose?

  • Prizeless
  • Priceless
  • ?

Solution:- B

Questions 4 :- Choose the right spelling of the word or choose?

  • hinge
  • hindge
  • ?

Solution:- A

Questions 5 :- Choose the right spelling of the word or choose?

  • Gras
  • Grass
  • ?

Solution:- A

Questions 6:-  India is integral to Gandhi, no matter how politically______ or morally wounded it might look to others or even to himself.

  • frivolous
  • raucous
  • flawed
  • ingenuous
  • universal

Solution:- C

Question 7:-It is surprising to see that this_____ writer has written a book which is truly global in very sense.

  • bumptious
  • turgid
  • aboriginal
  • indigenous
  • alien

Soltuion:- D

Question 8:- The organization aims to providing with satellite-based data on climate-relevent information with highest possible levels of accuracy and realiability.

  • to provide with
  • at providing with
  • to the provision of
  • No correction required
  • To Provide

Solution:- C

Question 9:- Studies have revealed what more is the reason people are asked to come up with in support of an idea, the less value they ascribe to each.

  • what more reasons
  • that more is the reason
  • what is the reason
  • No correction required
  • that the more reasons

Solution:- E

Q 10:-Underwater archaeology has huge potential, as it could be a time-consuming and costly way to study the past.

  • as it is
  • since it could be
  • but it could
  • No correction required
  • but it is

Solution:- B

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IBM English Language Test FAQ

Question : What is the time limit of the latest IBM English Verbal Language Test?

Answer: There will be 10 minutes given to candidates to solve the test.

Question : What is the Difficulty Level of the IBM English Language Test

Answer: The Difficulty level of the English Language Test is medium. If you want to score good marks then you have to practice more and more questions. You can visit our website to practice more questions.

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