What is eLitmus pH Test?

What is eLitmus pH Test 2020

eLitmus Test commonly known as eLitmus pH Test.

  • Best Platform for the graduate or under graduate freshers for their placement
  • More than 50,000 freshers get placed via eLitmus test.
  • This page will provde you all the updated information related to Preparation of eLitmus, syllabus, eligibility criteria, registration process, minimum cutoffs, etc.
  • what is eLitmus test

    Points to be Remembered

    Difficulty level of eLitmus is High so you don’t need to worry about its preparation. 

    What is eLitmus pH Test (Eligibility criteria)

    There is no eligibility criteria to take the eLitmus pH  test. Normally, companies hiring through eLitmus pH test set their own criteria for their Recruitment.

    BranchesBE/B.Tech, MCA, ME/Mtech or M.Sc.
    Academic QualificationVaries company to company
    BacklogNo active Backlog
    Education GapNot more than 1 year

    eLitmus pH test Exam Pattern (Updated)

    Round 1
    Online Written Test
    • Aptitude - 20 Question for 200 marks
    • Programming Solving and Reasoning - 20 Question for 200 marks
    • Verbal - 20 Question for 200 marks
    • Total Question - 60 Question for 600 marks
    Round 2
    Technical Interview
    • Questions related to Technical Background
    Round 3
    HR Round
    • This is one of the easiest Round
    • Questions will be of basics and behavioural

    Test Syllabus



    Topics Covered in eLitmus pH Aptitude Test.

    • Questions on Number System
    • Questions on Geometry
    • Questions on Probability
    • Questions on Algebra
    • Questions on Permutation and Combination
    • Questions on Ratio and Proportions
    • Questions on Time and Work
    • Questions on HCF and LCF
    • Questions on Profit and Loss
    • Questions on Percentage
    • Questions on Series and Progression
    • Questions on Averages
    • Questions on Time-Speed-Distance….

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    Topics Covered in eLitmus pH Test.

    • Puzzles
    • Blood Relation
    • Data Interpretation (Bar charts)
    • Data Interpretation (Pie charts)
    • Data Sufficiency Algebra & Arithmetic
    • Clock and Calendar
    • Series
    • Syllogism
    • Data Sufficiency(Geometry, Logic and Misc)
    • Data Interpretation Line charts
    • Direction Sense
    • Seating Arrangement…

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    Verbal test


    Topics Covered in eLitmus pH Verbal Test.

    • Reading Comprehension
    • Sentence Completion Tenses
    • Para Jumbles
    • Fill in the Blanks
    • Para Completion and Inferences
    • One word Substitution
    • Sentence  Completion & Subject Verb agreement
    • Sentence Completion Vocabulary and Articles
    • Sentence  correction….

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    • Topics Covered in eLitmus Cryptarithematic Test.
    • This is a very-very important sub-section of the logical reasoning part, there will be about 4 to 5 Cryptarithmetic Questions in the exam and those will be difficult to solve.

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    Companies Hiring Through eLitmus

    Company Name eLitmus (Job) Package Designation
    MayaData Rs 10 Lakhs to Rs 20 Lakhs Golang Developer
    Motorola Mobility India Pvt Ltd. Rs 11 Lakhs to 14.60 Lakhs Associate Software Engineer
    Dr Reddys Laboratories Ltd Rs 11.04 Lakhs Technical Trainee
    Adobe Rs 15 Lakhs Member of Technical Staff
    Amazon Rs 15 Lakhs Software Development Engineer
    Principal Global Services Rs 6 Lakhs + Software Engineer
    iQuanti Rs 5.25 Lakhs Software Engineer
    Mutual Mobile Rs 5 Lakhs Software Engineer
    Eka Software Solutions Rs 4.7 Lakhs Software Engineer
    MetricStream Rs 5.5 Lakhs Member Technical Staff

    What is Minimum Cut off Required for eLimus Test?

    About eLitmus Test

    eLitmus  Cut-Off vary constantly depending on the post and package. But above 80 percentile marks is considered as a good score in eLitmus Test.

    Marking Scheme of eLitmus pH Test

    1. Correct:  +10 marks
    2. Incorrect: -10 marks (25% rule, check negative marking scheme)
    3. Unattempted: 0 marks


    How to Register for elitmus Test

    eLitmus Test Exam Dates

    Through College

    Steps to register for eLitmus pH Test- 

    • First ask to you Placement Officer whether your college is registered for eLitmus or not.
    • If yes, then ask your college to send your data to eLitmus website.
    • If no,  you can ask your Placement Officer to send the details to eLitmus and once they receive your data they will generate login password and send it to you via email and SMS.
    What is pH Test?

    Register for eLitmus pH Test Individually

    Steps to register for eLitmus pH Test- 

    • Register yourself on the eLitmus Website first.
    • eLitmus conducts pH test on a weekly basis in different regions of India. So, book a slot of your convenience.

    How to Prepare?

    Additional Information (FAQ's)

    Benifits of eLitmus pH Test

    eLitmus pH Test gives you a platform to achieve your dream job.

    • eLitmus provides 300+ companies to get placed.
    • You will be recommended in all companies on the basis of your eLitmus Score.
    • No Eligibility Criteria.
    • You can get your dream job via your eLitmus Score.

    Who can take eLitmus Exam?

    • Freshers holding BE/B.Tech, MCA, ME/Mtech or MBA, BCA, degree.
    • Experienced can also add their eLitmus Scores in their Linkedin Profile.