Multivalued Attributes in DBMS

Multivalued Attributes in DBMS

In this article, we will learn about Multivalued Attributes in DBMS.

Attributes define what type of data is stored in a database table for example student table stores  details of Student name, roll no, marks, attendance, etc all these details corresponding the properties or attributes of the student table

Some times we need to store one or more values of a single attribute

Multivalued Attributes in DBMS

Example for Multivalued attribute 

Example 1

  • In a Real-world scenario, a person can have more than one phone number hence “phone number attribute” will become a multivalued attribute

Example 2

  • A person may have more than one address .hence  address may become a multi-valued attribute

Representation of multivalued attribute

A multivalued attribute is represented using a double oval with the name of the attribute inside the oval.