Key Attributes in DBMS

Key Attributes

In DBMS, key attributes refer to the specific fields or columns in a table that are used to uniquely identify each record in the table.They are used to enforce the integrity of the data and to ensure that each record can be easily retrieved and updated.
Key Attributes in DBMS

Key Attributes in DBMS

On this page, we will learn about Key Attributes in DBMS.

  • Attributes define what type of data is stored in a database table
  • For example student table stores the details of Student name, roll no, marks, attendance, etc all these details corresponding to the properties or attributes of the student table.

Key attribute

  • The key attribute is capable of uniquely identifying an entity from an entity set
  • Database table key attribute helps in uniquely recognize and access records.
Key Attributes in DBMS image

Example for Key attribute

For example, a student table consists of details of roll no, age, name, address .among these attributes student roll no helps to easily  identify the   of the record corresponding to a particular student


The key attribute is represented using an oval with the attribute name underlined inside the oval.

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