Cognizant GenC Elevate Interview Experience

Cognizant GenC Elevate Interview Experience

On this page, you can read the recent Cognizant GenC Elevate Interview Experience of selected candidates. PrepInsta will provide the complete Cognizant Interviews guide for 2023.

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GenC Elevate Interview Experience

What is GenC Elevate?

The Cognizant GenC Elevate 2022-23 entry-level profile is for candidates with basic programming knowledge and a basic understanding of databases.

For more details you can go check here

GenC Elevate Test Pattern

Cognizant GenC Elevate Sections         Topics Questions and Time
Multiple Choice Questions (Conceptual & Code Analysis)
  • Programming Construct,
  • DSA & Algorithms
  • Database/SQL
  • Web UI
15 Ques in 30 mins
Coding Challenge (Case Study)
  • Basic Coding
  • Medium Level Coding
  • Case Study: 1 Difficult Competitive Coding
  • Case Study: 2 Difficult DSA
  • Case Study: SQL
4 Ques in 60 mins

Cognizant GenC Elevate Interview Experiences 2023

1. Cognizant GenC Elevate Interview Experience

I applied for Cognizant GenC elevate from PrepInsta social media handle and I was invited for the first round of the interview.

Round 1: Online Test

This round had 2 sections namely,

  • Conceptual Analysis 
  • Coding test
Conceptual Analysis 

No of questions: 15 questions 

Time Allotted: 30mins

The questions were basically from  programming construct, DSA, database/SQL, and web UI

Coding test

No of questions: 4 questions 

Time Allotted: 60mins

The questions were basically from  basic coding, medium level coding, case study: 1(Difficult Competitive Coding), case study: 2 (Difficult DSA), Case Study: SQL

After clearing both the rounds, I was called for the second round which is the Interview round. 

Round 2: Interview

This round was a face to face interview which took hardly 20mins to complete. Mainly the interviewer asked questions related to my resume. 

Also, both the HR and technical round was combined into one round.

The questions were:-

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Explain your final year project also tell me about your roles and responsibilities.

3. What are the basic OOPs concepts?

I answered ” There are basically 4 concepts of OOPS and they are, Encapsulation, inheritance, Abstraction, Polymorphism.

4. Is Java 100% Object Oriented Programming language?

5. What are DLL and DML commands? 

6. What are the 5 stages of a waterfall model?

I answered, “The five stages of waterfall models are, analysis, design, implementation, testing and operations.”

7. Are you ready to relocate?

8. Who is the founder of Cognizant?

9. Write a program to toggle each character in a string using C++.

using namespace std;

int main()
//Initializing variable.
char str[100];
int i;

//Accepting input.
cout<<"Enter the String: "; gets(str); //Initializing for loop. for (i = 0; str[i]!='\0'; i++) { //Toggling characters. if(str[i] >= 'A' && str[i] <= 'Z') { str[i] = str[i] + 32; } else if(str[i] >= 'a' && str[i] <= 'z')
str[i] = str[i] - 32;


cout<<"\nToggled string: "<<str<<endl; //Printing toggled string.

return 0;

10. Write a program to find the “Kth” maximum and minimum element of an array using C++.

using namespace std;
int main(){

  int n;


  for(int i=0; i>arr[i];

  int k;

  set s(arr.begin(), arr.end());

  set::iterator itr = s.begin(); // s.begin() returns a pointer to first element in the set

  advance(itr, k - 1); //itr points to kth element (minimum)in set

  cout <<"Minimum :"<< *itr << "\n";

  itr = s.begin();

  advance(itr, n-k); //itr points to kth element (maximum)in set

  cout <<"Maximum :"<< *itr << "\n";

  return 0;

11. What keeps you motivated?

12. Do you have any questions for me?

2. Cognizant GenC Elevate Interview Experience

I received an email from our college placement cell regarding the Cognizant on-campus hiring process, students from computer science backgrounds were eligible for the drive. 

I decided to sit in the drive, so I started searching for some materials for the interview preparation and came across a website named Prepinsta. It has quality content which really helped me during my interview.

It basically consists of  2 rounds:

Round 1: Online Test Round:

The time limit is 90 minutes for 19-20 questions. The assessment was conducted on the Mettl platform. The assessment consisted of two sections:

  • Conceptual Analysis

In this section, the questions were based on programming concepts, DSA, Database or SQL and Web UI. The time allotted was 30mins and the no of questions were 15. 

  • Coding Assessment

In this section, the questions were based on basic coding, medium level coding also had questions on case studies. The time allotted was 60mins and the no of questions were 4. 

Round 2: Interview Round:

After completing the online test. I was called for the Interview round.

This round was conducted around 4 pm, there was 1 interviewer, and we greeted each other.

I started with my introduction and after my introduction they started asking about my final year project topic, mainly a brief introduction.

Later the interviewer asked  about my favorite programming language. I talked about C programming and the Python language. So he asked me questions from C and python only.

Questions are listed as:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What are the basic data types supported in the C programming language?
  3. Are you comfortable working in night shifts?
  4. What are static variables and functions?
  5. Differentiate between actual parameters and formal parameters.
  6. What do you mean by the dangling pointer variable in C programming?
  7. Difference between C and C++.
  8. Write a program to print ASCII code for a character using JAVA.
//Java program to print ASCII values of a character

import java.util.Scanner;
class Main
	public static void main(String[] args)
		//scanner class object creation
		char c='A';	
		//typecasting from character type to integer type
		int i = c;
		//printing ASCII value of the character
		System.out.println("ASCII value of "+c+" is "+i);

9. Write a Java Program to Check Leap Year or not.

// Leap year program in Java
// If the year satisfies either of the conditions, it's considered a leap year -
// 1. The year must be divisible by 400.
// 2. The year must be divisible by 4 but not 100.
public class Main{
   public static void main (String[]args)

     int year = 2020;

     if (year % 400 == 0)
       System.out.println (year + " is a Leap Year");

     else if (year % 4 == 0 && year % 100 != 0)
       System.out.println (year + " is a Leap Year");

         System.out.println (year + " is not a Leap Year");


10. Do you have any questions for us?

After the interview round, I received an E-mail stating that I was selected for GenC Elevate profile.

3. Cognizant GenC Elevate Interview Experience

I am delighted to share my Cognizant interview experience. One of my friends told me that Cognizant is hiring. Two days after applying, I received an assessment e-mail.

Since I already did a crash course from PrepInsta, it was helpful for me to crack the interview.

Mainly the interview is subdivided into few sections:

  • Online Assessment
  • Interview Round

Round 1: Online Assessment

Conceptual Analysis 

No of questions and time allotted: 15 questions  and 30mins. The questions were basically from,

  • Programming construct
  • DSA
  • Database/SQL
  • Web UI
Coding test

No of questions and the time allotted: 4 questions  and 60mins

The questions were basically from 

  • Basic coding
  • Medium level coding
  • Case study: 1(Difficult Competitive Coding)
  • Case study: 2 (Difficult DSA)
  • Case Study: SQL

Round 2: Interview Round

My technical round and HR round lasted for about 30minutes. Generally they asked me questions from my resume. There was only one interviewer, and the interview started with self introduction followed by an explanation about the final year project.

So, coming to the technical questions parts, as it was mentioned in the resume about SQL and R languages, the interviewer asked most of the questions from those topics only.

Technical Interview Questions

1. What is DBMS?

Answer:- The DBMS controls and arranges collected information and provides methods for users or other applications to extract or modify it.

2. What is SQL?

3. What are tables and fields?

4. What are the types of joints and explain each.

5. What is Denormalization?

Answer: Denormalization is the technique of adding precomputed redundant data to a normalized relational database in order to enhance read performance.

6. What is a view?

7. What are subqueries?

8. Compare R and Python.

9. What is R?

Answer: R is a widely used open-source programming language for statistical computing and data analysis. R typically includes a command-line interface.

10. Write a Program to print the right triangle star pattern using python.

num = int(input("Enter Number:"))
for i in range(0, num):

for j in range(0, i+1):

print("*", end="")


11. Find duplicates in an array of N+1 Integers.

import java.util.*;
class Main {
    static int findduplicate(int[] arr, int n) {

        // return -1 because in these cases
        // there can not be any repeated element

        if (n <= 1) return -1;
        // initialize fast and slow
        int slow = arr[0];
        int fast = arr[arr[0]];

        // loop to enter in the cycle
        while (fast != slow) {
            // move one step for slow
            slow = arr[slow];
            // move two step for fast
            fast = arr[arr[fast]];
        // loop to find entry point of the cycle
        fast = 0;
        while (slow != fast) {
            slow = arr[slow];
            fast = arr[fast];
        return slow;
    // Driver Code

    static void main(String args[]) {
        int[] arr = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 3};
        int n = arr.length;
        System.out.print(findduplicate(arr, n));
HR Interview Questions
  1. Tell me something about you which is not mentioned in your resume.
  2. Why do you want to work at our company?
  3. What are your aims and aspirations in life?
  4. What motivates you to do your job well?
  5. Any questions for us.

After a week ,I received an email enclosed with an offer letter in it.

Thank you

4. Cognizant GenC Elevate Interview Experience

Cognizant visited our campus for their recruitment drives 2023. As soon as I got this information, without wasting a second I immediately applied for it.

Round 1: Skill based assessment 

Below given is the pattern:

Cognizant GenC ElevateNo. of questionsTotal Time
Programming MCQ’s
(Data Structure, DBMS/SQL)
15 Ques30 mins
Coding Ques4 Ques60 mins (Shared)

Most asked topics for MCQs are Programming and DSA, Control Structure, OOPs Concepts, DSA- Arrays, Classic/ Subjects, Struct, Trees, Basic Query Language, Simple to medium, Data Querying and so on…

Most asked topics for Coding test are Java, Data Structures, Collection framework, Exception handling, Database Connectivity, SQL, Case Study, etc

Round 2: Interview Round

Both the technical and HR round was conducted together. The questions that I was asked,

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Explain your final year project.

I mentioned on my resume about Python, so the interviewer asked me questions based on python.

3. What is the difference between lists and tuples?

4. What are the main pillars of OOPS?

5. Why do you want to join Cognizant?

6. What are your short term and long term goals?

7. Are you ready to relocate?

8. Write a program to swap two numbers without using the third variable.

a=int(input(“Enter value : “))
b=int(input(“Enter value : “))

print(“Before swapping a :”,a)
print(“Before swapping b :”,b)
#logic to swap without using third variable 

print(“After swapping a becomes :”,a)
print(“After swapping b becomes :”,b)

9. Write a Program to Convert Decimal Number to Binary Number.

using namespace std;

void convertBinary(int num)
// creating an array to store binary equivalent
int binaryArray[32];

// using i to store binary bit at given array position
int i = 0;
while (num > 0) {

// resultant remainder is stored at given array position
binaryArray[i] = num % 2;
num = num / 2;

// printing binary array in reverse order
for (int j = i - 1; j >= 0; j--)
cout << binaryArray[j];

int main()
int n = 21;
return 0;

10. Any Questions

Few days after the interview completed, I got to know that I was shortlisted for the profile of  GenC Elevate at Cognizant.

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FAQs on Cognizant GenC Elevate Interview Experience

Question: Is Cognizant GenC Elevate Interview easy?


The exam is moderately difficult to pass. You must understand the fundamentals of new technologies, final year projects, and, most importantly you should know about Cognizant.

Question: How do I prepare for the interviews?


Kindly, Visit and for interview preparation.

Question: How many rounds are there in the Cognizant GenC Elevate Interviews?


There are basically two rounds in the Cognizant GenC Elevate Interview Process:

  1. Skill based assessment
  2. Interview Round(TR+HR)