Cognizannt GenC Elevate Communication Assessment Test

Cognizant GenC Elevate Communication Assessment 2023

Cognizant GenC Elevate Communication Assessment Test is the second round of GenC Elevate Test. Cognizant is now hiring for two profiles i.e GenC and GenC Elevate. The time of test is 45 mins. This test is basically to check your communication and there will be 4 main parameters on  which you will be judged: Fluency, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Sentence Mastery. Test will be divided into three sections:

  1. Reading and Grammar
  2. Comprehension and Listening
  3. Speaking

Go through this page to understand more about this round. Prepare well!!

Cognizant GenC Elevate Communication Assessment Test 2023 for freshers

Cognizant GenC Elevate Communication Assessment Section Overview:

Not Specified

Total Question

45 minutes

Total Time





Detailed Information of GenC Elevate Communication Assessment:
SectionsTime Allotted
Reading and Grammar45 mins (shared)
Comprehension and listening45 mins (shared)
Speaking45 mins (shared)

Detailed Information on Communication Assessment Test of Cognizant GenC Elevate


  1. Same words with different meaning creates a lot of confusion.
  2. A proper knowledge of words and meaning of words is very important for a better communication.
  3. You must have knowledge of the word and meaning of the word before using it.
  4. Using different words without knowing the meaning leads to bad communication skills.


  1. Fluency is how better you can communicate without getting interrupted or stumbled.
  2. The better your fluency will be the better your communication will be.
  3. Better communication is the key of confidence.
  4. Fluency is considered as one of the crucial parameter to be judged on.


  1. Pronunciation varies person to person but few words have universal pronunciation.
  2. If you will pronounce the words incorrectly then it will cause miscommunication.
  3. Better communication will help you in enhancing your communication skills.
  4. All the parameters are dependent on each other.

Sentence Mastery

  1. By focusing on all the other parameters you will construct sentence.
  2. You need to keep in mind when and how to use different words.
  3. Keep your sentence simple and speak fluently for better communication.
  4. Keep all these points in your head and prepare well for the test.

Cognizant GenC Elevate Communication Assessment Test 2023

Communication Assessment Test Syllabus of Cognizant GenC Elevate

Reading and Grammar:

  • There will be a few sentences displayed on the screen. You will have 20 to 30 seconds to read that sentence.
  • This test will check your speaking capability.
  • Do not read the sentence in rush. Take your time and then only repeat the sentences.
Cognizant GenC Elevate Communication Assessment Test


  • This section would resemble the quick thinking evaluation in certain ways.
  • In this round, a topic will be presented to you.
  • The ability to quickly strategies that topic and dictate a few lines paragraph in the form of passage or story is prioritize in this section.
Detailed Information about Cognizant GenC Elevate Communication Round

Comprehension and Listening:

  • This round is to check your memorization skills.
  • You will have to listen to an audio file, most likely a short story, twice.
  • The problem is that when you request a little clip, you only have 30 seconds to grab the story and retell it in your own words.

FAQs on Cognizannt GenC Elevate Communication Assessment Round

Is Cognizant GenC Elevate Communication Assessment is an Elimination Round?

Yes, this round is an elimination round and you will be judged on the basis of your communication skills. Please go through this page to understand well about this round and what will be asked in this test.

What is the difficulty level and Importance of this Communication Assessment Round?

This round is of high importance as it is an elimination round. There is no such difficulty of the test, this round is all about communication and the better your communications are the easier you will clear this round.

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