Binary To Octal Conversion

Binary to Octal Conversion:-

Binary to octal conversion can be easily done with the help of simple calculations. The following section includes a stepwise procedure for such a conversion. In this process, a binary number is inputted by a user and is later converted to an octal number.

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Binary to Octal conversion in C programming (1)


Step 1. Start

Step 2. Input a binary number

Step 3. Divide the number into groups of three bits.

Step 4. Multiply each bit from this group with the power of 2 and add them consecutively.

Step 5. Combine the results from all groups to generate the output.

Step 6. Print the octal number.

Step 7. Stop

C Program for Binary to Octal Conversion

/** C Program to Convert Binary to Octal*/


int main()

 //For initialize variables
    long int binary_num, octal_num = 0, j = 1, rem;

 //Inserting the binary number from the user

    printf("Enter a binary number: ");
    scanf("%ld", &binary_num);

// while loop for number conversion

    while(binary_num != 0)

        rem = binary_num % 10;
        octal_num = octal_num + rem * j;
//j*=2         j = j * 2;
//binary_num/10;         binary_num = binary_num / 10;     }     printf("Equivalent octal value: %ld", octal_num); return 0; }


Enter any binary number 10101

Equivalent octal value: 25

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One comment on “Binary To Octal Conversion”

  • Kritika pandit

    This code is wrong as it converts binary to decimal only
    when input is 10101001 the above code prints 169 as its octal no.which is wrong.